Saturday, November 1, 2014


Halloween is probably not one of my favorite holidays, but I do love seeing my kids have fun and dressing up.

Chubbuck Elementary does a costume parade and the office dresses up. I have to say that it is quite impressive. What do you think?

Kate and Mrs. Page - AKA cave woman

Kate, Nya, and Emma H.
All in the same class - Elsa, Anna, Elsa

Kate and Emily

Kate and Taylee

I was able to play in Dawson's classroom for the party. We did Halloween Bingo - Thanks Aunt Sondra! I didn't get any pictures because it went so quickly. :(

My trick or treaters
Dawson is a rapper, Faith was a panda (keep reading to see), and Kate is Elsa

The weekend before Halloween, Faith was invited to go to a friend's house and go to a haunted house. She gladly accepted and then came up with this costume... A panda. The day of Halloween, she was really not feeling well, but we dragged her along. Hence, no costume on Halloween, but here she is the weekend before.

After the classroom fun, we had a trunk or treat with the neighborhood, which is always super fun. Then we headed up to see all of the grandmas. 

Grandma Zoey

Kate always needs to do selfies with me, so here is one at Grandma's house

She made cute pumpkins with their treats inside.

After we walked out of Grandma Zoey's house, cute little Elsa tossed her cookies in the driveway. I think she ate too much candy and her little stomach couldn't handle it.

Grandma Kathy 

Grandma Kathy gave each of the kids a word search book and a large candy treat. In the hustle of trying to get everyone home and not knowing if Kate was sick, I failed to get a picture with Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Kelly. Boo!

I just had to share the other kiddos in our family. We are a great bunch!

Robyn's kids in Nampa!
Football player, Malificient, Nerd, Hershey's Kiss, M&M

Tracy's Policeman here in town

Justin and Amy's Jonny - Jonny the Gray

I don't know what Sam was, but hopefully I'll see and hear about it soon! Hope your holiday was safe!