Sunday, July 5, 2015


I love holidays, especially with parades! Unfortunately, part of the family isn't too into watching parades. But I have decided after sacrificing for so many years, that I will go, even if no one else wants to go. This time, Dawson and Kate decided to tag along! We were excited to get started! Imagine our surprise when we saw that they had fly overs arranged over the parade route too!!! So much fun! (Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any pictures!!! Next year though!)

One of the first floats was ICCU - Idaho Central Credit Union - and our favorite member of the green team - Tracy!!!

We enjoyed the whole parade and had a fun time visiting!

At 4:00 pm, we also celebrated another tradition in our family! Going up to Grandma and Grandpa VanTassell's house. Jerry wasn't in town this year, but we had so much fun with Grandma Kathy!!!

Here are a couple of food highlights! Compliments of pinterest. Both were a hit!

Faith had a bunch of fun doing a couple of selfies!!! Here's one of my favorites!

The kids showing me what they have in the pool!

I don't really swim, and I really don't enjoy colder water. Here is the whole crew!

Brandon even posed for me!

After dinner and swimming, we gathered on the front lawn and took pictures. Picture time!

with Dawson

The girls!

Faith and Kate filled in the time giving Kathy her very own concert, including The Star Spangled Banner. It was so fun to hear them sing, laugh, and enjoy family time. Echo tried to join in the fun too and did well until the screamers from neighbors started to go off. We had a bit of a struggle, but will work with her next year and prep her in the coming weeks. 

The fireworks were really enjoyable! We loved it! 

Of course, we didn't want to forget our family that was out of town and our very dear friends that live across the United States of America. We hope that you enjoyed your 4th too!

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Faith has been wanting a new look for such a long time. We finally agreed on a compromise and went into Austin Kade in Pocatello to take care of business.

Faith before


The rest of the hair we cut

Before adding layers

All finished with curls

No segment of her is complete without adding a couple of selfies! Here she is showing off her new look!

I think she likes it! And I like it too! Definitely a win-win today!

Friday, July 3, 2015


As our family has been in our home 10 years (yes, I know, I can't believe it either), we are starting to 'outgrow' our space. After thinking through what we could do, I've decided that it was most important to add function to our closets. We turned to our trusty and talented builder! My uncle Richard!

Here is what happens when you are working on all of the closets at once!

Kate's closet

Dawson's closet 

The master closet!

Brandon working on installing the closet rods

What it looks like with all of our clothes back in. We didn't plan this, but it looks like our shoe insert was meant to go there! We are loving it!

The after math of working so hard!

Brandon and Richard installed Faith's closet about a week later! This is really helping us be organized and utilizing all of our space here! Thank you Richard for helping us!!! We love it!