Friday, August 31, 2012


School was adventurous this year.  We first started with blue & yellow pancakes for our panthers.

And then made yellow & green pancakes for the new Hawk in our house.

Dawson's pictures for 3rd grade.  I love the little head tilt that he thinks is necessary in every picture.

How Faith wanted to smile for the camera

2nd try

Faith & Dawson's first day of school

Dawson had no hesitation riding the bus, so off he went.  I dropped off Faith and I was scared out of my mind.  I'm not sure her exact feelings, but I was so happy when she came home and said that this year was going to be good. 

I manage to snap this one right inside her classroom.  Can't believe that she is in middle school already!  Sad!

Kate and I met the kids at the bus stop to hand out cookies for surviving the first day of school!  It is so fun to see a variety of expressions from each child as they stepped off the bus.  Unfortunately, I did not have the time this year to make cookies.  Thank you Chips A'Hoy for providing the not so nutritious snack!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


The day before school starts, Chubbuck Elementary has their open house.  We were very excited to meet our new teachers.

Kate goes to Wednesday/Friday kindergarten along with every other Monday ... even though it really isn't every other.  She is very, very excited to have Mrs. Haber as her teacher!  We are excited to help this little girl grow up, 'cause ready or not, she's doing it!!!

Dawson got so lucky to get our favorite 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Collette.  Dawson is a very creative student, and I am pleased to know that Mrs. Collette already knows that as well.  (Faith also had Mrs. Collette.)

We gave each of the teachers a small lotion with this saying!  I think that it turned out quite well.

We can't wait to have an excellent 2012-2013 school year!  Go Panthers!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Our kids have been having such a good time getting to know their cousin better! How lucky we are to live so close. I hope that they will continue to be good friends.

In a matter of minutes, they had this baby put together, and mom started taking a few pictures.

Kate & Jordan

Kate, Dawson, & Jordan

Kate getting so grown up


Posing for the camera even!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Chubbuck Days Parade was held this Saturday.  It has grown and grown every year and is a fun special day.

Modern Woodmen of America service club did this awesome float to match our new shirts.  That morning, I couldn't find Kate's shirt at all.  I was SO bummed out about it too!!!

Dawson, Kate, and Faith

Back of the float

All of the kids

I was not able to be with the kids this time ... because my work handed out coupons.  It went slower than we thought time wise, but all of us were completely beat and wiped out.  We should have brought water!!!

Sheree, Kristen, Brandi, Rosemary, and me

In front of us was Jared with his son.  Their signs say, "Before Weight loss" and "After Weight loss."  As Sheree was driving she could tell that people were 'getting it'.  

Afterwards, Kate and I headed over to Chubbuck Days at Cotant Park for the festivities. 

Here Kate is golfing!

And at the Home Depot station.  They made moving trucks this year that were awesome, but labor intensive!!!  So much fun!