Wednesday, November 28, 2012

20/15 BABY!

Brandon has wanted LASIK forever, especially when he found out that our insurance paid a good portion of it.  Unfortunately, we never found a place that would take the insurance ... we would have to pay all of it upfront and then wait for the insurance company to reimburse us.  So, there that option sat for several years.

In October, Brandon found out that there was a place that would do the surgery AND except his insurance.  He was SO excited!  The one catch?  It was in Boise!  (We have been there I think 5 times this year.)  Not only was he going to go, but 2 others from his company along with a spouse.

So, we drove up the morning of and did quite a bit of waiting.

Brandon being a good sport

A little love from Miss Kate

Deciding that I was making him too nervous, so he did opt for something extra to 'take the edge off'

Kate had SO much fun talking to everyone there and saying that she was one of Santa's helpers!

Brandon in his special cap!

Hanging out that night at Aunt Sondra's with his blind man glasses

Still kicking it!

Later getting ready for bed with his special glasses!

  Sondra let us stay with her AND she evens cooked dinner for us.  
We are so grateful for her and her home!  We just love staying with her!!!

The next day we had a quick recheck to see how Brandon was seeing.  He was seeing 20/15, which is better than 20/20.  We were totally excited that he does not have to wear glasses anymore!
Kate trying on the special glasses for size on our way home

Long drive back home.  The last 2 times back from Boise, we have blown fuzes, so we had no clock or music.  Crazy huh???

Sunday, November 25, 2012


The Bohneys made the one way 22 hour drive to see us right around Thanksgiving! Well, okay. I guess they saw some other people too.  We had the best time.  Of course, it went by just TOO quickly.  We were lucky enough to have them stay with us.  Because they are family!

Highlights included game night with the Beauchats, letting the kids run loose with many neighborhood friends, and when the boys and kids went to see Wreck It Ralph while Sara and I did some shopping on our anniversary!

Boys really getting into Beyblades
I can't believe how grown up Chase is

Ethan and Faith are both our bookworms!!!

Kate and Myah LOVE each other

Sara making note of our height difference

The girls

The big boys reunited

The big girls reunited with the newest, Olivia!

We love you Bohneys!  Please come stay with us anytime!

It was hard to say goodbye this time, but we know we'll see you again soon!  God be with you 'till we meet again!

Friday, November 16, 2012


I had to stop blogging for awhile because Brandon wanted to have a BIG surprise for Sara and Will when they came to Pocatello. You see, Brandon worked really hard all summer (and is still working hard) to loose weight and become healthier. 

If you don't remember, at one time, Brandon looked like this.

Now, he looks like this!  Awesome, isn't it? 

I'm so proud of the hard work that he put in.  He continues to hit the gym hard and pushes me to do more!  Good job Brandon!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I had an awful time getting pictures this year for Halloween. Not sure exactly why, but here are a couple that I took with my phone:

Kate was a fairy princess.  We couldn't find her wings anywhere.  A week later, we found them!

Dawson was a fortune teller.  Really, he could have been anything in this beautiful cape!

Faith did not want to wear the indian costume on Halloween.  Instead, she wanted to be a pirate!

And this is the other costume she wore

Dawson made this mask at school on Halloween

Spider Kate

 Kate and Winnie together at school

A few of our friends!

Bryleigh.  I loved her makeup!

                         Her baby sister Grace.  I should have taken one of little baby Olivia too!

The Bohney Clan

June, Winnie, and Klive!  Fun costumes guys!!!

We couldn't have asked for any better weather than what we had.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!