Thursday, June 28, 2012


Brandon's new baby

Happy to have a new toy!

(Faith nicknamed it Golden Phoenix)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This was our first attempt at gardening at our house. We delayed it a few years, and finally put forth the effort of planting. We involved the kids and even took a few pictures.



Faith digging

and then posing

Beautiful, isn't she???

Dawson picking out what we are going to plant next

Doesn't look like he is happy either

Brandon (the main helper in this project)

Not happy

Cheesing for the camera!

Needless to say, other than a few peas, we didn't get anything.  After planting, we did not have time to come back out and weed, etc.  It was a very sad garden and I should have taken a picture of it!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Let the summer fun begin!  We had fun playing and visiting for a short time with the cousins!

Dawson wanting me to take a picture of him 'relaxing' in the pool

Andrew being a good sport, but not wanting his picture taken

My 3 kiddos, Faith, Kate, and Dawson

Brothers Brandon and Justin

Jonathan and Amy

Saturday, June 23, 2012


In a little over 4 years, Faith, Dawson, and Kate have had a total of 9 surgeries.  The score is Faith 1, Dawson 2, and Kate 6.  I guess that's why many of my friends and a few of my family didn't even know.  It becomes a 'routine' thing and is not really a stresser that could be for another family. 

I found a new shirt and pajama pants for him, and of course, we brought his blanket.  We also brought 2 of his stuffed animals that stayed in the van.  When the nurse said that looks like a comfy blanket, he quickly corrected her.  "Ummm, I think that it's called a 'quilt.'"

You can see how excited he is for the surgery.

And then he wouldn't let me take his picture.

 And finally a smile from our little man!

This is the last surgery to remove tonsils and adenoids!  Goodbye tonsils, hello popsicles!

After we headed home, Dawson refused to speak.  He is taking up sign language and writing down what he needed.  Here is a scribe paper.

Here is what it says:
My pagamis are softer then all the rest.
I like them thak you mom.
and thanck you gandma and granpa fer the chess
I aslways wanted one.
there's more? (talking about the macaroni and cheese)
make sure its not hot.
my throt is relly stuffy
a feau more muits later

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


These are Dawson's 9 month pictures. He did such a good job and was such a fun chubby baby!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

VACAY 2012

We LOVE going to Boise/Meridian to visit with my aunt Sondra. She is so much fun and we really enjoy being able to visit and hang out.  This year, the 'vacay'was just that.  Visiting, hanging out, watching Dairy Days Parade and seeing Robyn and Jason's new house.

We took the scenic route Thursday through Filer to pick up equipment that was headed to Boise.  It was quite a quaint little town.  We even saw a sign for 'Jolley Acres' near Buhl Idaho.  It was fun to see something with your name on it.  Too bad we didn't get a picture.

Thursday night we played a couple of phases of Phase 10 and headed to bed.  Friday, Sondra worked in the morning and Brandon and I ran to drop off the equipment and see if we could find a white shirt for Kate and a book about our camera at the mall.  We were not successful in the later.

Friday night was good 'ole Dairy Days parade that we LOVE! 

Brady, Dawson, Faith

Sondra, smile and look at the camera!

The girls!

Royce family plus Kate

Brandon and me

Colt and Jason

The girls loved waving at the princesses!
Kate even said, "Hey everybody!  We're here for candy and toys!"  It was so funny!

Dawson was really getting into it.  I wish that I would have gotten video of him dancing to the drums.  It was awesome!  He grabbed so many string cheeses.  \And then he hooked on his ziplock to his shirt so he could scoop up even more candy.

Fun ride on a float

This is always my favorite float every year.  Their youth usually sings and dances along the route.  It is a local church.

I couldn't help but share this one.  It reminded me of what Texas looked like everywhere!

Kate was excited to see a little school bus like the one that she rode for school this year.

Bristol was getting so many things too!  She was more interested in seeing what she had than seeing what was coming up next!

Kate had a sleepover at the Royce's new house.  The next day we went to say hello and see their new house.  I am bummed that I didn't get any pictures.  We stayed for a couple of hours visiting.  Her house is looking great and they are making quite a few upgrades and updates.  The kids played and Jason (with a little help from Brady) burned quite a few things ...

I did not get a picture in the height of it, but it was VERY hot and had flames going.

The kids kept coming to 'check it out'

Colt and Dawson

Brady is SO great with my kids!  They had so much fun playing Life and with their DS'.

We attend sacrament in their ward and took baby James to Sondra's house.  We bathed him and got him down for a nap.  Kate was 'in love.'  On the way home, she said, "How did you know I wanted a baby brother?"  It was too cute.

One the way out, Dawson just started crying so hard.  He really likes it here and feels comfortable with Aunt Sondra.  I had all of the kids take their going goodbye pictures in the car.

Don't worry Buddy!  We'll be back soon!