Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here are the official pictures from cheer --- you can click on the picture to see it better, but it is copyrighted, so no touchy!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Thursday, May 26th was Aesthetics by Physicians Grand Opening!!!

I was very excited to be apart of the grand opening and watching all of the people. What a fun event, completed with vendors such as LaDeDa Boutique and Molenelli's Jewelers AND catered by Marigolds and Sumisu.

Me with Carolyn and Natalie

Dr. Willey

Megan and in the background, Amy, Ali, Amanda

Jen keeping us entertained!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


One of my best, favorite, wonderful, thoughtful friends in the whole world is Anya. She bends over backwards to help everyone at anytime.

Together, Sara and I threw a baby shower for her soon to be in June, baby girl, Grace.

Knowing that I was completely stressed out, Sara took on the food and I had to clean my house to make it presentable. Mmmm, fruit and pull aparts!

Ahhh, strawberry cream cheese truffle. One of Zoey's favorites!!!

Will took care of the bread, which tasted great!

I thought of this fun pink and white idea! Best of both worlds - food and decoration!

Anya was SO cute during the entire shower. She kept having to fold each sheet of tissue paper before she would peek and pull out items from each sack. It was fun!

Mary Kae made this dress. Amazing, huh?

So many friends and family came to support her. I can't wait to meet her. She is quite a miracle!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dawson got to go on a few field trips this year. This one was bowling and roller skating at Deleta! They spent the entire day away from school. 1st grade is a toughie!!!

Here is Ivan, his buddy, and Dawson smiling for the camera.

A few pictures of him bowling.


Yes, I think that they had a good time!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


How many students can say that they were held at the school while the city police and the local swat teams were called out to find a mountain lion? Faith and Dawson can!

I really didn't believe until I saw the picture. On the Idaho State Journal Facebook page, they showed the picture. The article and pictures below are from the Idaho State Journal.

There were comments on the facebook page. One person said that it was just a dog. Click on picture to blow it up bigger if you can't see it well enough. Dog or mountain lion? You decide.

Needless to say, all the children in the neighborhood were picked up from the school. No bus routes were completed. No children out in the neighborhood. It was spotted about 2 blocks from our house. Crazy and scary!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Here is a sneak peak of Faith and Bryleigh's cheer pictures. I am so excited to get these back! We can't wait for the recital ...

Saturday, May 14, 2011


My mom has been training for a Century Bike Race - 100 miles - and was doing a pre-race race ...

On Saturday, right before we went to see Wicked, I missed a bunch of calls on my phone. I knew that it could not be good, since all my family knew that I was in Boise for the weekend.

Saturday morning, while Tracy brought Dawson to his soccer game (he made his first goal ever) she received a call from my Dad that my Mom was in a bicycle accident during her race over in Rupert/Burley area. It was bad. What made it worse was that we were not there.

My dad and mom on their bike!
The story of what happened:

It was windy that day. When it is windy, bike riders 'draft' where they go in a single line and take turns at the front. This is an example of streaming.

That was what they were doing this morning. One of the riders put on the brakes. The next rider braked. My Mom didn't have the time to brake. 15 miles an hour --- tire to tire --- you get the idea. She went down hard right on her knee. The riders around her got help. She went to Minidoka Hospital in Rupert.

Could you imagine something worse than being in a rural hospital? That sounds scary. A few x-rays later, they found out her knee was shattered ... and a broken thumb.

4 1/2 hour surgery later, she was a proud new owner of a 16 inch incision, 2 plates, 14 screws, and a bone graft in her left knee. She also had to have 2 pins/screws in her thumb. The surgery was just the beginning. She is non-weight bearing for 3 months (a walker) and in crutches for 3 months after that.

The tender mercies of the Lord:

I have been touched on how many tender mercies that we are constantly given. This accident was no exception.

First, the people that surrounded her were her friend Lisa, who is an RN, a very tall big man, who is an RN, and an EMT. Because of their knowledge, they did everything right.

Second, one of my Dad's friends and fellow riders showed up late. He had managed to make it to their group and needed to rest before going on. The second the accident happened, he called my dad. My Dad didn't answer, so he was able to bike like I'm sure he never had before and reach my Dad to tell him that my Mom was in an accident. Otherwise, it may have been hours longer before he found her.

Third, when my Mom met the surgeon, she felt peace overwhelm her. After the surgery, she found out that the surgeon's specialty is trauma orthopedic surgery. He has great experience and was on rotation from Cassia Regional Medical Center in Burley.

Fourth, the anesthesiologist was on rotation from Pocatello and is a long time friend of my Mom and was able to help my Dad give her a blessing.

I do not believe that any of this was a coincidence. My Mom had the best care possible. All of the staff were LDS and that was a comfort to her. There were so many that stopped to see my parents and see how they were doing who did not even know them. They gave the family of their friends in Pocatello. Sometimes the Lord has something that he wants us to learn.

My Mom continues to amaze me. She is getting around slowly, but surely and doing more and more each day. As an independent person, and is asking for help and letting others help and serve her. We have both been following this blog and it gives us courage to do hard things. That is my Mom's new mantra: "I can do hard things."


Woot! I first have to give a shout out to Mary Kae who gave us the opportunity to buy group tickets with her. We have been looking forward to this since October! Our seats were incredible and we were so happy to just be there.

We arrived at the Morrison Center at BSU.

Here we are:

My cousin Brady and my favorite aunt Sondra:

The stage looked like this. The dragon was super cool. It moved, had red eyes, and I believe had smoke coming out of it.

The story of Wicked is amazing, though I would not recommend that you read the book. I tried, but it was TOO bad. It's the only book that I haven't finished reading.

Here are a few of my favorite highlights!

No one mourns the Wicked:
Starting at the beginning, but also the end of the story. Very neat with Glinda coming down in a 'bubble.' (There were quite a few jokes throughout the play.)

Two roommates and unlikely friends. Glinda decided to make Elphie 'Popular'.

Wouldn't we all like to 'Defy Gravity'?

Going to Emerald City:

Do you have to leave me friend?

Quite a touching and surprise ending. I will keep the secret. But, if you have the opportunity, please ... go see WICKED!!! Will I go again ... ummm, YES!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


This year was a wonderful JOIN HANDS DAY for our youth service club. They were able to put together packages for older patients of Portneuf Medical Center. Then, each child made a card that let them know that they car. The packages are busy bags and hopefully they will bring joy to each who receives them.

Kate is coloring a rainbow card next to her friend Myah.

Picture of 4 clubs that 'joined' together for JOIN HANDS DAY!!!
(Faith is about 1/2 way up in the middle, Dawson and Kate are on the front row.)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

WET #246, #247

Today was the annual Law Day Race. You can walk or run the 5K or 10K. Brandon and I were lucky enough to run the 10K this morning! This was a good training run for what is coming up. The weather was lower 50s with light rain. Although I would probably prefer to be dry, it is definitely better than running in 80-90 degree weather!!!

Brandon completed his run in 85 minutes. This is his first race ever! I am so proud of him!
I completed my run in 69 minutes. My first 10K was in March, where I finished in 74 minutes. Feeling pretty good about getting faster and stronger! We both finished wet, but happy that we accomplished a mid-way goal!

Here I am making my big finish!!!

One of my training buddies, Megan and I ran up until mile marker 9 together. I slowed her up a bit. At mile marker 9, she pushed herself hard and finished about a minute before I did! Woot, woot Megan! She even resisted the doughnuts at the end of the race!

Our countdown to Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay is now 40 days. Crazy to think that it is so close. The relay starts in Logan Utah and goes through the canyons to Park City Utah. It is 188 miles and is completed by 12 runners that each run 3 legs.

At 9:30 last night, I ran 3.6 miles (My first run for Ragnar is 3.7 miles). Then today I ran 6.2 miles (my second run for Ragnar is 6.5 miles). Today, I will walk my last mileage, which is 4.7 miles. It should definitely be interesting. The mileage part I think is fine, I am just worried about the inclines (which in one mountain I figured out to be 17% incline --- ridiculous!)