Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Back in October, Rosemary and I were talking about going to esthetic school. We immediately called the Burley esthetic school and set up a time to go and visit. A week later, we were off to get going. Not going to lie... it was a scary thought there, but all I was thinking was that I just needed that little piece of paper with my name on it!!! I just wanted to be a licensed esthetician. With the prospect of going with Rosemary, we would also save money on gas and wear and tear on our car.

Fast forward another week. Our great GlyMed Plus representative Chalese came to visit u med spa. The school in Burley uses GlyMed and she basically said that she could not with good consciense let us go to Burley. Good thing Rosemary went to Austin Kade Academy in Idaho Falls to check it out. She convinced me and we were a go!!!

November came around and I couldn't go to school in December with busy family life PLUS holidays. I thought that I was going to go crazy. BUT, come January 19th! I did it! I actually started school (a seed and goal that was planted in 2009!)

Shayla was the only other student in my class, which was fun to be able to get more one on one. The schooling goes SO SO fast! The night program is about 6 months, but I was determined to finish sooner!

This post is just going to be my highlights of my school adventure! I hope that you enjoy and take time to come and see me!!!

Freshman Class Pictures

My first time wrapping "Lisa's" head with the towel and headband!

The basic chart that we would follow to do facial massage

Learning the eye and lip treatment on Lisa!

Actual proof that her name is Lisa!

I took every opportunity to practice on the weekends for facials and other services as often as I could. It is important to me to be able to receive services from other estheticians to learn from them. I do my best to give you the very best service!

Kate of course wanted her picture with Baby Ally!

Senior Class Pictures

The first practice lashes that we do are on our hands! Kind of like a creepy spider!

My first try and set of lashes! These are very difficult to do and learn, but I hope that I have the opportunity to do more soon!

Dawson also had a "facial treatment" ~ it's a treatment when it's a guy!!!

One of the unique things that I loved about Austin Kade Academy is that we are able to take a business class every Thursday night. The students don't realize what they are getting from this class. Such great information. Here is just one such highlight.

"Success is not owned, it's leased and rent is due every day."

About this time, I also found out some devasting news! The job that I spent almost every waking hour of at was letting me go. It was such a hard, hard thing for me. I gave over 4 1/2 years of my life to making a great team, beautiful place, with wonderful people (as well as potential clients.) I don't know what exactly I was expecting when I finished school, but this was definitely not it!!!

I pushed on and tried to think the most positive thoughts that I could. I believed in myself and what I could do and will do in the future! Rosemary was so kind and thoughtful during this time. She found a quote that I loved. It said, "And suddenly you know... It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."

There is something special in new beginnings and I was definitely going to find it!!!

Another fun day was when we were stacking the mannequin heads!!! Haha! Go Kandice!

And also our Easter egg hunt! The AKA staff was always doing fun stuff for us!

I also had a little bit of an obsession of taking pictures with Lisa. It was just too much fun and I couldn't help myself. Here, I was saying that I really wanted to take clients instead of practicing on Lisa's beautiful face!

I worked and studied so hard... I wanted to make the most of my time at AKA. Here I received a 100% on Chapter 6! Anatomy and Physiology!

When I didn't have anyone come for lash extensions, I go to practice again on Lisa!

Final product! Working hard!

Each month we would have a grid that we would have to complete to be able to start on the next month's grid!

Another selfie with the bones on the one side of the face, and the facial muscles on the other

Image O2 Facial! This is a pop mask that comes off of your face... LOVED it!

Spa Group

Towards the end of your senior experience, you receive a "golden ticket" that says "Yeah! You get to go to spa group"! Spa group is the final push for state boards!!! So basically an exam prep class. In esthetics, you take both a written and practical exam.

Shopping list of supplies for state boards!

We also had lots of fun experiences, this one is like a minute to win it game!!! Darling Rosemary got SO, SO close! I loved that she let me take these pictures and the video!

Honor Roll baby!!! I made Honor Roll all 3 months that I was able to make Honor Roll! So proud of all the hard work!

Robert Jones (famous makeup artist) came and taught an additional class for makeup. I was excited to be a model a couple of times! Loved it! Here is the before!

After in 2 different lights --- lots of shading and contouring which was fun to play with!

Another session! Loved this one as well!

One bummer that I learned about in class is that I am not a candidate for smokey eyes! What a sad realization!!! But, I can still do amazing things to make my eyes pop!

2nd set of eye lash extensions - before and after on each eye

During spa group, I took a couple of pictures of my buddies!



Practicing makeup on Lisa was ABSOLUTELY the hardest thing to do one Lisa (AKA a plastic doll head.) I had nightmares about this!!!

My family was by far my biggest support system. Oh, how I loved them and was so grateful for their support. Brandon was basically a single parent while I worked full time and then commuted to Idaho Falls each and every day. It was a long 5 months, but I was so happy that I was able to complete my goal!!!

I invited them for graduation day!!

Me and Kate 

The rest of the fam!

They get to ask you ALL sorts of questions. Brandon took this beautiful picture as I was speaking.

Here are the questions and my answers:
"What is your favorite moment?"
When I was receiving a Brazilian wax from Megan R and Stephanie. She was talking about how this was getting to know me on a whole new level. And then she broke out in song... "Getting to know you! Getting to know all about you!"

"What does the school motto - Be the change you wish to see in the world - mean to you?"
To me it means not to hang back and wait for someone to make the first move. If you want it, you have to make it happen.

(How little did I know that I was going to have to fight and stand up for myself. I really, really wanted this and needed to make it happen.)

"Where will I go after school?"
Refine Medical Aeshetics

(I was fortunate to do an interview and get an offer before I finished school. Unfortunately, I still would need my license before I could start this job! Very excited!)

"What advice would you give to you fellow students?"
Learn the different techniques from the different instructors and figure out what works for you. Then make it your own and own it!

It was a great night! I think that there were 6 or 7 of the esthetics girls that graduated. Go esthetics team!!!

Here is the top of my tote for state boards all ready to go!

Another makeup attempt - can you see that I can getting better?

I was very, very lucky to have some family in Idaho Falls. I happened to crash there several times and was just SO grateful to even have the option of doing so. Thank you Jason and Sam for letting me be your guest and hosting me on so many occasions.

During this time, they were also trying to sell their house. (For several months.) I will say that I have wondered if part of the reason that it did not sell sooner was that I needed to have a place to stay on some rough nights. (Several times, I would go to school on Friday and then go all day on Saturday. It did not make sense to drive home for 7 hours of sleep just to turn around and drive back.)

One of my last pictures at Austin Kade! I think that this was the last day!

I had to take a picture of the extra stuff that you have to do once you are in spa group.

Here is Lisa with the real Lisa of Austin Kade --- the attendance gal that gets all of the crap. Thank you for your sense of humor and everything that you put into making AKA such an awesome place! Your rock!

2 more tries! Sheesh! If I could only get the eyeliner to go on straight...

Practicing with Paige! Love her guts!


My biggest cheerleader at school who believed in me too! Love you!


Bad picture - but this is Hanako!

As we were leaving the school for the very last time, Rosemary and I had a selfie moment. The sun just totally made this picture. What a great experience that I would not trade for the world!!! Thank you, Rosemary for sharing this experience with me!

Instructions for the practical exam arrived at the house!!!

Of course, this was in Boise, so I had to go see some of my very favorite people... the Royce family (Bristol wanted a selfie with her aunt), Peggey and the Holts, and Aunt Sondra! Thank you for taking care of me for a day and helping to calm my nerves before the stinking test!!!

Finally, after all of these hard months, months of sacrificing, learning a new language, figuring out a different life plan, and meeting great friends that I hope will be lifelong friends, this adventure has come to a close!

One more memory that is a must share! The practical exam was taken in a hotel. The fire alarm went off for a LONG, LONG time in the middle of the testing process. This test is one where the call out the directions and then you have to perform those things. It was a hoot trying not to get a head ache, wondering how long it was going off, and watching the fire truck pull up. Yes! You guessed it! We could not leave until the test was over! Never going to forget that!!!