Wednesday, September 23, 2009


3rd grade is a whole new challenge. You learn multiplication facts and cursive. And it must be the grade when your child starts doing projects!

Faith does two book reports each month, along with reading for a minimum of 20-30 minutes a day. She has really enjoyed her reading this month. Among the many, she has read:

Nancy Drew and the Sleepover Sleuths
Pippi Longstocking
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Several Geronimo Stilton books
Karen's Newspaper (Little Babysitter Club)
The Secret Garden
The Rainbow Fairy books

Her first project, she created a dust jacket for one of the Rainbow Fairies books.

This is her second project for The Secret Garden.

She went to Grandma Cindy's and to Grandma Zoey's house to take beautiful pictures of their flower gardens and then arrange them as a collage. She did all of these beautiful pictures (she took 88 photos and only about 5 were blurry). Then she arranged them by herself. I even made her type in the words and push print on the printer! She is going to tell her peers that if she had a secret garden, these are some of the things that she would want there!

Way to go Faith!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I happen to just love taking sleeping pictures. Here is Kate sleeping.

And here is how I get her to take a nap each day.

Mom: "It's time to take a nap!"
Kate: "In Mommy's bed!"

She really does just start a show and then fall asleep. As long as she doesn't sleep there at night, I think I'm okay with it.

Also, yesterday we had a fun conversation.

Mom: "Who is this?" (pointing to Kate)
Kate: "Tate! (she says her /c/ with a /t/)
Mom: "Who is pretty?" (pointing to Kate)
Kate: "Mommy!" (playing with Mommy's hair)
Mom: "Who smells pretty?" (me smelling Kate 'cause she just got lotion)
Kate: "Mommy!"

I love her so much and am so glad that she is in our lives!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Many of you have asked me about Kate and how she is doing, so I thought that I would post another update.

Her last surgery was in May. That was pretty traumatic for Mom and Dad, but she did beautifully after a quick infection. We had a re-check in June and everything looked great.

She has a runny nose occasionally, but never pulls on her ears. We have used the humidifier quite a bit and plan on continuing that throughout the winter. If you remember before, the longest she went was 6 weeks without an infection or being on antibiotics. I am happy to report that it has been over 3 months since she has had an infection.

(playing peek-a-boo with the camera)

Yesterday, she was feeling a little under the weather. We are just hoping that it is allergies and not anything more! Even if it is an infection starting, we are blessed to have her off of antibiotics so long. She is really talking now. She actually is growing and developing too! Wonderful news!

She has had a hard adjustment with the kids going off to school. She told us yesterday: "I want to ride the bus!" Hopefully she can enjoy her childhood now! School will be just moments away.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009




Monday, September 7, 2009


We celebrated the birthday boy on Sunday instead of his actual birthday. I think that it usually works better for family that way. Here he is messing around before the party.
This is his pose.
When family arrived, we were able to start opening presents right away. This one is from Faith and Kate, a Bakugan toy.
Connor reading Dawson his card from the Atkinsons and Royces. They got him Super Mario Brothers.
Dawson with Kate's help opening Dad's gift to him - a Pikachu card and game.
The biggest gift from Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Kelly - a bike! How fun is that?
Here is Dawson's birthday cake of choice: pumpkin roll.
One of his famous poses with the cake:
Blow out the candles and make a wish!

Happy birthday Dawson! We love you!