Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Faith had a sleepover at Grandma Kathy's house. Here was their heart to heart conversation:

Faith: "Grandma, when is Misha going to have babies?"
(Misha is a dog.)

Grandma: "She can't have babies because she got fixed."

Faith (with a perplexed look on her face): "Can humans get . . . fixed?"

Grandma (slowly): "Yes."

Faith: "Has my mom done that?"

Grandma (slowly again and shaking her head): "No."

Faith: "Good! We need to have more babies!"

Someone please save us!!! Three babies have pushed us to the brink!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It has just been going around here so well. Two Saturdays ago, Dawson was feeling crummy and we found out three days later that he had Fifths Disease. Last Tuesday, I found out that I probably have endometriosis. Then on Sunday, Brandon started feeling not well and has diagnosed himself with Adult's Fifths Disease since he has the same symptoms that Dawson has been having. Although he's been calling it Tenths Disease since it is SO much worse than Fifths Disease. (LOL) And yet again, this morning, Faith woke up not feeling good at all.

I am just thinking that I need to have a plan to rid germs from my house.

First, I better wipe down all handles, remotes, phones, etc with clorox wipes. Second, I think that I'll open the windows a bit to circulate fresh air. Next, I'd better by plastic cups and write in Sharpie their names.

On the bright side of things, Kate has been doing so well. Thank you for your prayers and concern for her this last year. She has not had an infection since May, which has been the longest time that she has gone without having an infection. YEAH!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This is just a funny, quick post!

Dawson was getting for the parade on Saturday. We could tell that he didn't feel quite right, but we just didn't want to miss the parade! We asked him what was wrong. His response: "I don't know. I think I need to go to the hospital to get body surgery!" How cute was that?

We made it through the parade and even saw Grandpa Kelly on his motorcycle (I have a picture to post another day), and then he started puking. Uggghh! Maybe he really did need to have body surgery!

Just this afternoon, we found out that Dawson actually has Fifth Disease. We hope he gets feeling better soon!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Here are two pictures that I found that I never posted of Miss Kate at the Gold's Gym Kids' Klub.

This is Kate smiling because she managed to get her shoes off.

And now, she is managing to get her shirt off. She got herself into the baby saucer!!! Brandon always says that we should have named her Trouble!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


If you haven't scrolled down, there are 3 vacation posts! Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures on the last 2 days.

Day 3
From Faith's journal:
brekfast - I had a banna nut mufan with a waffle. Kate had froot loops and waffle. dawson had a waffle and frootloops. (same same)

What Mom and Dad said about breakfast at the hotel - It was a hotel breakfast. Getting ready early is never a fun thing to do on vacation.

The Batisum - when andrew got baptized I hope he went though the same thing I did
Comfermation - andrew was second but he didn't mind.

What Mom and Dad said about the baptism and confirmation - Kate decided that she wanted to sing her little heart out. When the congregation was holding a note, she was singing "Oh, ba-day" and other gibberish. It was SO cute and fun!

Lunch - For Lunch I had a pork burger soem chips olivs more cips and a cupcake.

What Mom and Dad said about the luncheon - It was wonderful to visit with family and enjoy an hour!

Bild a Bear work shop - (she drew pictures of Master tigress (girly outfit) and Panda (iner man)

What Mom and Dad said about Build a Bear - It is a traditional thing that we do on each vacation. I wonder what we will do when the kids are older.

Fireworks! - Some fireworks on the Forth of July!

What Mom and Dad said about fireworks - We lit off our own, but it was very enjoyable.

Day 4
We gathered eveything up and started looking for keys. (Yep, at one point, we lost them.)
Then we hung out for awhile, ate lunch, and headed back to Pocatello. We learned at that point that Chubbuck had a minor flood and that it was still wet.

On the way home, Dawson started crying (he has such a tender heart.) He said that he missed vacation. Dad got him all excited to start planning next year's vacation. He keeps gathering change for the vacation jar and talking about it. We can't wait to do it all again!


We awoke in the morning from camping and Dawson sleepily said, "We're still camping?" I had a bit of a laugh. We then headed to Lehi, UT to go to Thanksgiving Point.

From Faith's journal:
Farm Contry - I got to ride a horse! I got to ride a horse! I just can't bleve it.

What Mom and Dad say about Farm Country: This was probably the kids and our favorite thing to do. It cost our family $20, but then we all got to ride a wagon ride AND the kids got to ride a pony. They handed out free ice cream. There were lots of animals to pet and the place is kept VERY clean. We would do this again!

The Garden - I saw purple orange blue lavender violet flowers plus yellow. The bear cave - it was a lot sary but I made it out.

Noha's Ark - it was so cool we saw spitting lama's and a water blowing elephant.
(She also drew a picture of Noah's Ark)

What Mom and Dad say about The Children's Discovery Garden: Don't waste your money. Things there are not clearly marked and it seemed like a dud. The only thing the kids wanted to do was play in the water.

Swiming in the hotal - I ahd pink floties i strtet doing the frog swim (with my floties) and stroking and doing this.

We also ate at Goodwood Barbeque and stayed in the hotel that night. Goodwood will be a one time visit only. They were not very accommodating for the children and the food was just okay. The hotel was nice, though swimming there was not so nice due to rowdy guests.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Our vacation was so much fun! I am going to write one day at a time. Faith is sharing her vacation journal with us as well.

"My vacation Jonall"

day 1 - Treehouse Museum
I loved it there. There was books instrumunts and anything you could imagin.

What Mom and Dad say about the Treehouse Museum: It is definitely worth the money, and they are updating with new exhibits yearly! We highly recommend it (this was our 2nd visit.) Go and visit!

The Train Ride - on the train ride I saw green grass yellow flowers purple flowers orange flowers and purple weed. we also saw some horses and cows.

What Mom and Dad say about the Heber Creeper: It's called the Heber Creeper for a reason! (It was SO slow!) It was fun, but definitely not worth the money.

The Tent - it's peaceful here (sometimes) we like it.
(from Dawson) He saw a truck pull up to the spot across from across and he started walking towards them. I said, "Dawson, what are you doing?" This was his clever response: "I just want to ask those ladies if they're camping"
Our Hobo Dinner - We had a hobo dinner tonight. there were carots and potatos and some stake.

What Mom and Dad say about camping: Camping is much better when your air mattress doesn't go flat in the middle of the night. We will be trying this out again!

Friday, July 10, 2009


On the 4th of July, we were not privileged to watch the storm that "you've never seen anything like." Brandon was SO disappointed, though I am okay with it. It rained, hailed, etc. with thunder and lighting for over 30 minutes straight, and then of course decided to flood our neighborhood. The water in the front of the house came right in our garage. In the back, it was almost up to our deck. The water was so high that they put cones and caution tape up to block our street. If we had decided to come home that night, we would not have been able to get home!

Our friends that were watching our house cussed us out because we left it locked up tight and did not leave them a key. They were gracious enough to take pictures for us the next day. Here they are - I've titled them "River Sawtooth meets Lake Ponderosa."

The hail on the side of the house. Monday morning (over 36 hours after the fact) I was raking up hail in the front yard.

From our driveway.

Another with a van coming through the water.

See all of the debris in the yard and where the water got to at that point.

One more angle.

We are still working on clean up duties . . . One more thing to mention is that our tree lost over 2/3 of the leaves. It really looks more like fall than summer!