Thursday, March 31, 2011


Every conference, I try to do something special for my sisters. This year, I did this basket. Thank you to all of the great bloggers and such out there that share their ideas.

Good conference quote.

Notebook to take notes. (Pres. Monson's favorite color is yellow)

A candle with the saying:

Cheetos and the saying:

Crayons to coloring the bingo sheets. You can find the conference bingo sheets here.

Jelly beans to play the bingo.

One final game from sugardoodle. Kids get to pick out a snickers when the apostles and speakers tell a joke or make the audience laugh. They get to pick out a hug (or a kiss) when the speaker cries or is very emotional. Something to help them pay attention.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This month, my Mom and I shared another birthday. Laura, my sister, has a birthday in the beginning of April. It was fun having a dinner to celebrate together. After dinner, we had our choice of 3 desserts: Chocolate mousse (one of my mom's favorites), Cherry pie (Laura's favorite), or Pumpkin pie (my favorite). I feel very blessed to share a birthday with my mom!!!

Happy birthday mom!

I received a fuel belt that I am totally stoked about. And I get to buy a heart rate monitor with the birthday money. Oh yeah!

Then, my friend Megan bought me a beautiful card and swedish fish!!! Very fun! (You know me too well.)
My friend and boss Carolyn brought my brownies and a card. Thank you C!
My visiting teacher, Melissa, brought bath fizzies, bath salts, and squishies! What an awesome thing I will definitely use. Thank you!
My other friend, Ang, always does things B.I.G.

Here is her birthday gift to me!

A green bucket. Our team's name is "Bucket List Brigade."

Water, of course is a necessity.

Gel and gum, a runner's best friend.

More ear buds, pedometer, and a safety light. Did I mention that we run in the middle of the night? Fun, huh?

For the unexpected that will probably happen on this run!

Did you know that there is a thing called runner's diarrhea? If you didn't, don't ask!

Thanks for the laugh Ang!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Kate had an annual review with her school this month. We are lucky that she will be able to attend preschool for another year. Even luckier that at this preschool, she will get speech help. We are also looking into a program for this summer to help her.

In the meantime, Kate has learned that if she sings, she does not have bumpy speech. So, we are now singing in prayers.

Through the years, we have learned a lot about speech therapy. Here are the three main lessons learned that are also great life lessons.

The squeaky wheel really does get the oil.
The best advocate for your child is YOU!

Never give up!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Our day usually consists of green pancakes, but it did not happen this year. Instead, we ate fish patties, which I consider Irish-ish.

I do have two funny stories to share with Dawson and St. Patrick's Day.

In the morning, he did NOT want to wear green. I mean, no way Jose! I tried and tried to get him to wear a green shirt, and finally resorted to asking him if he wanted the kids to pinch him. He said, "You mean the leprechaun doesn't pinch you? The kids do that?"

Last night, I asked him for his homework, and he told me that the leprechaun stole it. We went the rounds, and I finally believed him, thinking that his teacher would probably send an extra page or two on Friday since it was spring break. This morning, I found his homework ... I was furious. I told Brandon the whole story. He spit out the water in his mouth and said, "And YOU believed him!!!" I really did.

I also was able to bring a dear friend of mine lucky charms for St. Patrick's Day.

This is a special holiday and anniversary for their family, since Ang's mom died 14 years ago on St. Patty's Day. So, I brought her the gift and told her I was "LUCKY" to have her for a friend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Pajama top, levi shorts, snow boots, complete with dad hair.

Yes, I did let her out of the house like this.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Running has never been my strong suit. However, I am always up for a challenge. Our family ran the 5K in November for Faith's girls on the run. This was my first official race. (This summer will definitely be a challenge --- I can't wait to share it with you as it gets closer.)

After having a long week of training (and pampering) and not being in my own gym, Ang, April, Meg, and I ran the Shamrock Shuffle. It was originally a 5K, but Ang asked if we could a 10K. It was everything I thought that it would be and more. Wa-hoo!

Before the race - me, Ang, and April

I am a cute leprechaun!

My crazy friends!

Yes! Can't wait to do this!

We made it!

74 minutes for my first 10K. Meg and I ran together, while April and Ang ran together.

Running buddies!

Now that I have this first race under my belt, I can continue to train for summer!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Last week, I was able to go down for training to Salt Lake City, Utah. We went to the Phytomer
training center.
I have to tell you how amazing it was. And I mean, amazing! I think that Brandon was jealous. After each lecture day, we had an amazing lunch catered. Then, we did treatments.

Monday, I received the detox body wrap. Fun mud.
Tuesday, I received the cellulite body treatment. More mud.
Wednesday, I received the 'fish egg' facial (that's just what we call it). Mud on the feet.
Thursday, I received the anti-aging facial. Mud.
Friday, I received the soothing gel facial with eye massage. And yes, I asked for the mud.

The week was filled with new experiences, like my first time at PF Changs and Forever 21.
I was able to get to know my co-workers better and experience the wonderful products and treatments Phytomer has to offer.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


There are many things in life that could be easy. Notice that I say 'could.'

This past year, we have had to do many things for her, including a frenectomy (clipping part of her gum tissue between her lip and bottom teeth.) It was very high and was causing the gum tissue to pull down.

Knowing that that was taken care of and not causing any further damage, that got put on the back burner while her tonsils were removed right after 2 teeth were pulled.

Those bottom teeth are just so sensitive that she does not brush good, so the time had come.

On Friday, we went up to Idaho Falls to a periodontist for Faith. They were the best medical office that I have ever had to deal with! (Dr. Ethan Moulton) Anyhow, we had a plan. This plan consisted of starting antibotics, coming up for the consultation, taking medication to help her 'forget' and to relax, and doing the gum graft. Sounds simple, right? WRONG!!!

The office manager, Chelsea, came in to make Faith comfortable. We took of the shoes, put on music, got her a blanket, and really just talked to her for almost 2 hours.

Chelsea and Faith

They did the initial consultation and impression. She was very vary of what they were doing. So, we decided on the gas too. Then came the 'shot.'

Granted, this is from my child, who at 3, talked about how good 'immunizations' were and how it was okay to get a shot, etc. Faith must have remembered too well how they numbed the roof of her mouth to pull the last 2 teeth. She jumped and the needle jabbed her just a bit. I told Brandon that there must be a baby in the office or maybe next door, because I heard crying. No, that wasn't a baby, that was Faith!

Dr. Moulton, along with Chelsea, came to talk to us. He let us know that because she was so skiddish, we would not get a good end result. He also talked about a friend pediatric dentist who had a wall full of pictures of children. He told Dr. Moulton at the last visit to his office, "Do you see these pictures behind me? These are all the children that have puked in my office. Whenever someone pukes, we tell them how brave they were, ask to take their picture, and give them a t-shirt." So, he said, we want to make this a good experience for her. What does that mean? We told her that she did awesome! We got the first step done, and when we come back, we will finish it up. They gave us 3 cards for free jambas too!

So, we are know going to do things "the hard way." We are working with the office to do it at a surgical center so that she doesn't have to remember.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Okay, I just thought that I would let everyone know that I have posted 11 blog posts today! I have post dated them, so if you want to start where I left off, start in January (the 17th) with a breakthrough.


Dawson's note to me today:

Dri filmy Im sory but i'm liev you

but if you get fahth tomoh it yu I will cu bak home
1 day

Dear family,
I'm sorry, but I'm leaving you.
But if you get Faith to take it back, I will come back home one day.