Saturday, April 30, 2011


One of the opportunities that the kids have when they participate with the service club is to do an education tour each year. This year, the kids were able to go to Pizza Hut and learn how they make pizzas. This activity we were able to invite the Royce kids to join with us!

Each kid got to go through the back and put together their own personal pan pizza. It was fun for all the kids ... Dawson was grumpy because he doesn't like pizza. He got over it though and we all had a good time.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


On the same day of Kate's surgery, the Chubbuck Elementary 1st graders and Dawson had their spring program. I was so bummed that I wasn't able to be in 2 places at once. I worked it out with Dawson's teacher to see if we could come and see on a dress rehearsal. The songs were very fun and spring like. I was glad that I could hear some of the program. (Sorry I don't have video!)

2 of my great friends, Melissa and Sara took pictures of my guy and told him good job! That made me feel a little better.

We love you Dawson!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As I write this, it breaks my heart that our monkey, little tootsie, princess has had to have yet another surgery. Surgery #6. The surgery is not as bad as the travel. It is very waring. And because of this, we stayed at the Crystal Inns again the night before. It was late, so I had Kate take a bath and ran to McDonalds for chicken nuggets.

I never knew McDonalds could be SO busy at 9:30!!!

We went to bed watching a crazy show called Repo Games.

Here is a quick description of the show:
It is a game-show described as Cops meets Jeopardy and follows a crew of real-life repo men, Josh Lewis and Tom Detone, who give debtors one last chance to keep their cars but only if they’re willing to play for it. The debtors get five questions and if they get three answers correct, the car will be paid off on the spot. If not, the car gets taken away.

Have you seen it? It plays on Spike and is crazy what some of these people do when they find out that their vehicle is getting repo-ed. It was kind of fun to watch something new and distract us from the obvious reason we were in Utah.

We had surgery early in the morning. We had to be there at 6:20 am. This time she rode in a red wagon like this one. The crazy thing was she thought she could walk, but she had the versaid and she would have fallen right over!

Surgery went wonderful ... and for us quick and painless. She was in a little discomfort, but they were able to give her pain medications quickly and she was up and going by the time we got home.

Each surgery seems like one step closer to no surgeries, a healthier baby, and fewer medical bills!

Monday, April 25, 2011


1) To do everything above and beyond.
2) To go overboard.
3) To never be outdone!

These are a few of the Jensen traits that were present at the Jensen family Easter Egg Hunt. Grandma Cindy had a wonderful time hiding all of the eggs in between rocks, in the trees, and in all of her beautiful flowers and plants. Then, the kids had a blast looking everywhere for the eggs. Afterwards, we had a bbq and visited. What a fun and special day!

A look at one of the many hidden

Looking for eggs






Dawson explaining how to get the most eggs

I think that he's a little excited!

Mom with Dawson's eggs

Faith, Jadyn, and Hallee


Friday, April 22, 2011


Dawson participated in a clinic put on by the ISU women's soccer team at the Holt Arena. I think that he had a pretty good time. Here are a few pictures we took that night.

Inside the Holt Arena:

Katers on the sideline!

I'm ready.

We made a go-oal! YEAH!

Not sure what I'm supposed to do now...

My favorite spot on any field:

Go get it!

A friendly game of shirt tag.

Yep, I'm doing good!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We are giving a hand to trying container gardening. Brandon has been working on this project, and they are built and ready to be planted when the weather is ready.

Here is a look at his hard work:

We will be putting bark around them very soon. Sondra would be proud! I am excited to follow the prophet's counsel to have a garden. We hope that the harvest will be bountiful!

"Keep in good repair and beautify your homes, your yards, farms, and businesses. Repair the fences. Clean up and paint where needed. Keep your lawns and your gardens well-groomed. Whatever your circumstance, let your premises reflect orderliness, beauty, and happiness. Plan well and carry out your plan in an orderly and systematic manner." (Spencer W. Kimball, Family Preparedness, Ensign, May 1976)

Friday, April 15, 2011


What happens at Grandma's? Well, from these pictures, I know that there is fun involved!!!

Playing at the park:

Sleeping with suckers:

Cousins together:

Club Penguin/Puffle/Petville P-A-R-T-Y:

Princess shoes:

Thank you, Kathy for spending time with the kids and loving them like your own!!!