Monday, November 25, 2013


I love peanut butter. Like a lot. And peanut butter candy treats like we had when we were in school. They were my favorite. I had to eat hot lunch those days just for the peanut butter candy.

So imagine my surprise when my friend and co worker, Sheree, made me a GIANT peanut butter candy treat just for me!

Big eyes for a big treat!

Thank you Sheree for thinking about me and making my day! You are awesome!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


I can't believe that Brandon and I have been married for 14 years now. We celebrated a couple days later on Saturday going out to dinner at Sizzler (where we went on our first date).

I put together a frame for Brandon with the amount of years, months, week, days, hours, minutes, and seconds we have had together. It was something simple, but very sentimental...

Brandon was able to have a car starter installed when I was in Florida. I was a lucky girl, because it will sure come in handy this winter! Wahoo for me!

Here's to seeing what this year will bring for us! Love you Brandon!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Sometime this summer, I realized that Tyler and Anya would be moving. I knew this with plenty of time to spare so that I could be strong for them. You see, my heart has already been breaking and still cries when I think about other dear friends who have moved. Friends that are family. The Warth family. The Bohney family.

And then in August, Bryleigh had her appendix rupture. I was blessed to find extra time to be with them and her. Miracle rain started in August too. You remember the posts. Their lawn was basically burnt up and yellow. But then it was magically green.

And September brought a yard sale and Anya selling everything she could. Anya cleaned, declutter, and painted like a mad woman. She had a goal and she also knew that this was no longer home. She posted on a couple sites on Facebook and within a couple of hours had had several calls for Roxie, their dog. Another miracle and tender mercy. The whole family ended up sick, but she continued on.

October. Anya suffers from insomnia and so do I. She started posting hug tugging posts on Facebook like this one, "True friendshipis like the asphalt of life. It fills the potholes and makes the journey smooth." (Richard G. Scott) A house goes on the market and less than 3 days later, it was sold. No coincidences. Just tender mercies for one of the best families in the world. Friends that we call family.

November. I had a surprise business trip to Florida, so Anya surprised me on a Saturday night to take a piece of each other with us. What was that piece?

In true Anya fashion, we went and had our nails painted. I got zebra with pink. Anya got an orange nail with flowers.

The radio was playing while we got them done. And now I have a song for them too. "When I'm gone"

I got my ticket for the long way round
Two bottles of whiskey for the way
And I sure would like some sweet company
And I'm leaving tomorrow
what you say

When I'm gone...
When I'm gone..
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone
You're gonna miss me by my hair
You're gonna miss me everywhere
Oh, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone

When I'm gone
When I'm gone
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone
You're gonna miss me by my walk...Ohh
You're gonna miss me by my talk
Oh, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone

I got my ticket for the long way round
The one with the prettiest of views
It's got mountains, it's got rivers
Its got sights to give you shivers
But it sure would be prettier with you

When I'm gone
When I'm gone
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone
You're gonna miss me by my walk
You're gonna miss me by my talk
Oh, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone

When I'm gone
When I'm gone
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone
You're gonna miss me by my hair
You're gonna miss me everywhere
Oh, you're sure gonna miss me when I'm gone

When I'm gone
When I'm gone
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone
You're gonna miss me by my walk
You're gonna miss me by my talk
Oh, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone

We headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for a quick dinner and to WalMart for a couple of items.

On the way to Florida, I realized something funny. My luggage has Zebra tape on it so that I can find it easily at the airport. It matched my fingernail!!!

Right after I got back, it was time to say goodbye. I borrow her van to wash it and vacuum it out, as well as get her an ISU shirt. As Faith and I were driving to the mall, something happened. "When I'm gone" came on the radio again.

Friday night, we headed over to the Beauchats to say just that with a special card.

I returned early Saturday morning to take one last selfie. I was running a little late, so there was no time for tears that day.

Brandon had tears bad that night and the next day. I was okay until the middle of the week, and then the tears happened as I knew they would. Another part of our heart left Idaho.

We love and miss you Beauchat family! We hope that you continue to post pictures of your beautiful smiles! Good luck in New York and don't forget us ... because we miss you when you're gone!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I was both surprised and excited when I found out that myself, Randy, and Amy would be headed to Orlando for 3 days for an InSPAration Management business seminar.

I had plans to try and stop by Disney World and Sea World to take my picture at each of the gates to say, "I've been there!" After the first day, though, I knew that that would not happen. Each day was spent learning more and more about managing a spa and how to change your future. It was not good ... it was fantastic and more than I thought it would be! Each night would be a business dinner where we had a chance to share ideas and see what was working for the other people who had come. (There were approximately 30 people there.)

This re energized my commitment to the spa (not that is was waning) and wanting to make it the best in Southeast Idaho.

Here are some of the classmates wearing all of the hats we wear as managers. The 2nd one in the line is Randy.

And here was one display on the tools that they offer.

I wish that I would have taken pictures of us together and the restaurants that I went to, etc. I am SO excited for all the changes that we have coming! Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 9, 2013


It's always a fun morning when you can eat breakfast with your child at school. I think that they like it too! And they get to pick out a book to take home with them too. Dawson picked Bunnicula! Thanks for letting me come with you Dawson!

Friday, November 1, 2013


This Halloween was so much fun and easier for us! I told the kids that we needed to decide in July what they were going to be. Kate had a hard time deciding between a princess and a cowgirl. Pinterest is both bad and good in that sense. But once she found this outfit on Etsy, she was sold!

Thank you, Grandma Cindy for sewing this for us! She looks adorable!

Dawson was Creeper from Minecraft. He got lots of compliments! Thank you Beverly Jones for sharing this great 'hat' with us!!! You did an amazing job! 

Faith is past the age of us buying or making costumes, so I left it up to her to put something together. She came up with 'Fan Girl' with meant that she was at home reading a book, asking WHY???

And getting upset at all of the cliffhangers that the authors write in series that she likes! Especially Rick Riodan.

My 3 tricker of treaters!!!

Here is Kate in front of the creepy door at school.

I was so ecstatic when I saw that Buzz (Braden) was in her class! Chubbuck does a costume parade, and I had them walk together. It was too cute!

Maddie (Alice in Wonderland) and Kate had to get their picture taken together too.

Here is the spooky pop up houses that we made in centers on Halloween.  The kids had a fun time, but it was hard to get them done so quickly (about 5 minutes is all we had.)

We had time to visit all of the grandmas early this year.  Here is Grandma Zoey recuperating from her surgery.

Sharing her hat with daddy.

Grandma Kathy always tries to do a healthy snack, which we appreciate.

Being silly!!!

Next was Grandma Cindy's and Grandpa Kelly's.  Sam and Jordan

Scooby's tail

Jordan and Tracy

Luna Lovegood (Winnie) and Jessie (Kate) at our neighborhood trick or treat

Nicole and Shelby smiling for the camera and the blog

I couldn't believe at how bright is was while we were trunk or treating around Cotant Park. It was a little windy, but probably the best weather we have had in a couple of years. Everyone was adorable and creative! Good times!