Monday, June 17, 2013


The day before Father's Day, I took the kids outside and got several pictures for Father's Day!

We love you because...

Funny faces

Blowing kisses

We LOVE Dad!

The finished product

I didn't want him to find out what we were doing, but my cover was blown twice.  Brandon saw Faith's feet and asked her about it.  She said, "I can't believe you saw that!"  She denied doing it herself and that she had a boyfriend (remember her feet said the heart and D).  Brandon then started talking to her about how her body is a temple and that she should not let friends draw on her body.  Faith finally had to say that it is someone very close to him that did it and that she couldn't talk more about it.

He had a couple of suspicions, but let it go until that night when Dawson wanted oils on his feet.  He then saw a W and an E and knew that it was something to do with Father's Day.  

We hope he liked it and that he forgives me for using a sharpie!

breakfast in bed   

I sent each of the kids in separately to give him a hug, tell him Happy Father's Day and to give him papers that they had filled out about their dad.

Here are a couple of highlights:

From Kate:
His favorite thing to do is: make cakes.
My Dad's job is: making cakes.
He is really good at: making such beautiful cakes I ever had.

From Dawson:
My Dad is 36 years old. (Dawson was the only one to get it right!)
My Dad's job is: work for the internet
My Dad always says: your terdes (you're turds)

From Faith:
He loves to eat: Mountain Dew
My Dad loves when I: clean the house.
My Dad always says: Hay is for Horses.

Present time!

Kate got him cake making things from downstairs!  She is such a sweet girl!

A new white shirt!

We're NUTS about you DADDY!  Happy Father's Day!

We love you!

Silly faces!

We had a wonderful prime rib dinner at the Jensens.  It was absolutely fabulous!  I even made our $16 jello salad (although, it was a smaller version, so it was less than $16!)

Jordan, Kate, and Brandon playing Connect 4

Happy Father's Day to an awesome Grandpa!

Had to take a picture of us together!

Group hug!  Connor, Jordan, and Christian

Jordan wanted his picture taken.  Christian decided that this was more of a mug shot opportunity than a chance to see his teeth!!!


Grandpa Kelly and Brian

I hope that everyone had an awesome Father's Day!  We sure did!  Love you Brandon!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Maybe you've been wondering what "we" have been doing this late spring.  And the answer is:

Cake, cake, and more cake!

Brandon has been working so hard.  His cakes are delicious and have been a lot of fun to see how the process works!

Impromptu Mother's Day cake

Grandma Zoey's birthday cake

The 'guts'

Matt's birthday cake

Grandma Zoey's second birthday cake

Grandma Kathy's birthday cake

Brit's birthday cake

This little princess was SO excited for her castle cake!

Monsters Inc cakes for Grace

She wanted to touch it SO bad!

Blowing out her candle

I LOVE the frosting!

The middles - chocolate with peanut butter frosting, Reeces peanut butter cups and Reeces piece

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Kate ran inside and wanted so badly to show me something.

I followed her outside to see our entire family ... name by name ... on our vinyl fencing on the porch.

While she was so excited that she could write everyone's name, I was so upset that it was in permanent marker ... on the vinyl fence ... on the porch.  I started trying to remove it before I took this picture.  Writing in marker is something that all 3 of our children have done.  But the fence was a new one.

I'm sure that Kate has learned that we do not write on the fence!  One of her life lessons that she had to learn the hard way.


Kate has been outside 24/7 since school let out!  She loves to play with friends and is constantly going to another friend's house.  The latest request is that she NEEDS sunglasses!  While we were waiting for her prescription, she insisted on trying some on.  There was not a mirror her size, so we took pictures instead (one of her FAVORITE hobbies!)

We are still looking for that perfect pair, but hope that we find the best ones soon!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Brandon almost made it to 37 before receiving any stitches!  Yesterday evening, he was cleaning some goo off of his new red truck and he slipped with the razor blade right in his knuckle.  After it kept bleeding, he texted me and eventually ended up at my office, where Amy and Matt performed a surgery.

Here is the initial picture that he texted to me.

We thought that we might be able to super glue it together, but because of the depth and the location, he received his very first 3 stitches!

It's proven to be quite a challenge because of the wrap.  But, Brandon added his 2nd finger in the picture so that it would be family friendly.

This morning, he also received a tetanus shot as well.  Now we are just hoping that this won't get in the way of any cake making!!!