Saturday, March 29, 2014


Another birthday. I've decided that, no - I don't want to be 20, and yes - I think that I am aging with grace.

This birthday, I had a spa day receiving both a massage and an eyelash fill. A simple gift of a paper trimmer. And then a family dinner at Sizzler and dessert at the Jensens. I made pumpkin pie. Mom and Dad made mud pie and lemon bars.

Don't I look good with the pie???

And a selfie with my Mom. I hope by now she doesn't mind sharing our day together. I think that it's pretty neat because this was before the day of inductions and such. We are beautiful!

Thank you to my coworkers for the AWESOME cupcakes, card, and Costa Vida gift card and for friends who also remembered my birthday! It was a good one!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Dawson is such a funny kid. He LOVES cups. So when we picked up a huge pack from CostCo, we asked him to put them in the storage closet, not knowing that instead, he would take this as a personal challenge to see how tall he could stack them.

And then, he called us down and asked us to record. This is priceless Ninja Dawson!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


St. Patrick's Day has always been a fun day!I can't help by dye the pancakes and the milk. This year, I even bought Lucky Charms! Wahoo!!!
St. Patrick's Day is also a very special day from my friend Ang, so I try to remember to give her something special. This year, I did a frame with uplifting quotes that she can switch out all year round.

After the rest of the day was quite uneventful, we decided to take the kids to Shrek the Musical which was playing at Century High School. It was so much fun and ended our day with more green!!!

Kate had to go out in the hall and practice yet another selfie.

Faith and peace

The only picture that Dawson let me take. During intermission, I saw this nasty goose egg on his head. When asked what happened, he had no answers!!!

The only part that was missing was Brandon who had to work that night. We still had a great time and I'd love to take the kids again to other plays!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


While Randy, Amy, and I were in Orlando, we were introduced to Jentry Kelley Cosmetics. After researching and talking with her on the phone, we made the plan to add her makeup to our beautiful spa. I have to say that I am in LOVE with this makeup line. Though I don't always wear a lot of makeup, we spent a lot of time learn tricks and tips of how to apply. I feel more confident than I ever have, and I can't wait until I carry every item in my makeup bag. (First, I might have to get a larger makeup bag!!!)

Jentry and her assitant Andrea

Our first makeup class - learning all about how Jentry started, where she is now

My before and after - I really like how it brightens my face. Love the brows!

Longest receipt ever!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Brandon was asked to make the wedding cake for my cousin Autumn. AKA Olive. After thinking it through, he decided that it would be a good challenge.

Last minute delays meant that he would stay home, while I would go with the kids to the temple for the wedding. I wasn't worried about the kiddos at all. They did so good. Here are 2 that cooperated for a quick picture right outside the Rexburg temple.

They were so cute! So happy for them!

And, lucky me. I got the first wedding selfie of the day! What a fun and special day for them.

The sealer told a couple stories. One about making it a priority to go to the temple and how a couple went 52 times their first year of marriage. Another one was so sweet. The couple was given 2 down pillows for their wedding. After years of use, the wife brought their pillows in to a seamstress to see what could be done for them. It was suggested that they combine the 2 to make only 1. Each night, the couple would race to the bedroom to make sure the other would get this pillow. It was quite a touching story.

Later that night, I was scanning the table to look over the wedding gifts. It made me smile to see that there were 2 pillows there. So sweet!

The first wedding cake had several problems, including that we could not get into the church when we had planned and also that the flowers were not at the church while we were decorating. But, all in all, it turned out quite well and I was so proud of Brandon!

There was a ring ceremony and then we were able to visit for quite awhile before they cut the cake. I was sad that I didn't get any pictures of how much fun we had! Sondra, Jason, Sharon, Brandon, Faith, and myself laughed it up pretty hard! Next time, we really need a picture!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Brandon and I were excited to have our last Pinewood Derby race under our belt. It was so cool for the boys to celebrate!

I put together Ding Dong metals for each boy that had their award on them as well. It was fun to do a mixture for the boys!

Our boy!

Dawson decorated his car all by himself, so we are especially proud of him for that!!!

Dawson did awesome and was 3rd place this year! Good job buddy!!!