Sunday, December 25, 2011


We must have been very good this year, because Santa Clause found us! The magic reindeer food really works!!!

I have to say that Christmas has been my favorite these last few years. Not only has Santa found us, but I have put a lot of effort into the gifts of love. And not to disappoint, the kids have really loved them. What a joy!

~ What Santa brought ~
a puppy for Kate

a DS for Big D

lots of Warriors books and a DS game for Faithers

~ Gift of need ~
underwear, church pants, socks

~ Gift of want ~
WebKinz pug, St. Nick hamster, wholly mammoth

~ From each other ~
2 robes, a necklace and stretchy ring

~Gift of love ~
Homemade quilts

~ and the parents ~

Brandon also surprised me with a Kindle. How exciting!!!

socks, special Oreos, and Elf the movie from the Bohneys

We are so very blessed! Merry Christmas!

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