Thursday, March 8, 2012


Right after Christmas, I was realizing how cramped the girls were in their bedroom. Brandon agreed and we bought a queen size bed for Faith and for any guests that might need a place to stay (insert hint to family and friends!)

Megan showed me an awesome bed frame online a few months before that I was IN LOVE with. I pulled it up and after Dusty (Megan's husband) and Brandon got together, they had decided that we were going to make 2! One for us and one for Faith.

Just in case you are ever wondering, projects always take longer than you anticipate! This was no exception. But after a few Saturdays of working in my Dad's shop and painting in our basement, here are the results. (They are taken with Brandon's phone ... not the best quality, but you get the idea.)

Faith's new bed set
(You can still see the patch from the flood that we had on my birthday a few years back.  Hoping to get to that before summer is over.)

Our new bed frame
(If you look above our bed, there is the anniversary gift that Brandon did for me.  Beautiful!)

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