Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas morning came right on schedule.  We were so lucky and blessed by this wonderful year.  It was a GREAT Christmas!

What our tree looked like on Christmas morning

Faith getting her first peek at her presents - she is holding up an ornament

Brandon also had great items in his stocking.  He is TOTALLY impressed with his shirt!  Again, honey, I didn't buy it!  The shirt came from Santa (wink, wink)!

Before opening presents, we got a BIG smile from our princess

Kate was spoiled by her gift from the big man - a Monster High Doll

Dawson still trying to wake up

He was most surprised by Angry Bird band-aids in his stocking.  Great reaction though Big D!

From Santa Bey Blade DS game

And cute antlers!

Faith also got a DS game from Santa

Taking a self portrait

Big smiles and big hugs

Gift of need - socks

Gift of love - blog book 2008-2009.  It was SO sweet because in the middle of opening presents, all of my children took about 10 minutes and just started reading and smiling.

(A couple weeks later, I found Dawson with his light turned on in his bedroom.  Dawson was giggling and I asked in a somewhat stern voice what he was doing.  He said that he only had a couple more pages left to read in his book.  Could he keep reading?  Imagine my surprise, when I looked up in his room and saw him reading our blog book!!!)

Mom's books from the kiddos and Dad

From Sister Thomas (Kate's primary teacher)

Next, we opened the gifts from the kids to the kids.

Dawson received a beautiful, warm fuzzy jacket from the girls.  It was love at first sight.

Kate receive 2 cute shirts from Dawson and Faith.

Faith received a shirt and a hoodie vest from Kate and Dawson.
They were all SO happy.

Books from the Jolley cousins

This book has been SO much fun.  We probably should have had them buy 3 of these!!!

Gift of want
Boots for Faith

Magformers for Dawson

Hermoine wand for Kate

Dad got silverwear (kind of another joke) and shirt

And his gift of love from me!

Merry Christmas to all!!!

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