Wednesday, September 4, 2013


We have had so much rain, it is just crazy!!!  Our city is not equipped to handle the amount of rain that we have been getting in such short bursts of time.

But, I guess to actually appreciate, I'll give you before and after pictures.

Before rain

After rain

But then we had a welcome surprise!  A fire truck, which stayed there for quite some time.  They were working on the drains that are in the road. 

They even had a police escort. (Not sure why they were there, but they came and stayed for about 5 minutes as well.)

They are driving SO slow.  But if anyone else went through, it would continue to push up the water and debris on our lawn.  Again, we were so lucky that we did not get any flooding.  I know many others that have been flooded twice in a 2 week time period.  We also have to worry about the south of town where the Charlotte Fire was; there is still not adequate plants and trees to help with the water.  It has been quite sad for this area!

Our new motto: "Rain, rain, go away!"  I'm afraid it can't come again another day, as we cannot take more rain in the next month!

P.S. We received another flash flood alert for Thursday.  They sent out another truck that worked on the drains for a couple of hours.  I hope that they have figured out and officially fixed the problem that we are having so that next time it rains, we will be good!!!

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