Saturday, December 27, 2014


What's a fun thing to do the day after Christmas? How about head to CostCo we said. SO, off Brandon and I went to grab just a couple things. No rush though, this was a date! We walk in the main entrance and see Trent and Ann Campbell who are sitting on a sectional couch. Intrigued, we head over and sit on a couple different of options (they need new living room furniture.) After a long debate, they decide on the biggest one (which looks awesome by the way and will hold all of their large family.) The only problem? They need a way to get all 6 GINORMOUS boxes home. And so we help them load it up and unload it once we get back to their house.

And then Trent says, "Hey! Do you want these chairs?" And the wheels in Brandon's head start turning. He says yes and I try to be okay with it. BUT, they are really, really nice chairs and they fit well in our living room. Yes! I needed to document this because Brandon was right!

Love you honey!!! Glad that you were right and that everyone loves the chairs! Muahhhh!

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