Tuesday, March 24, 2015


While Brandon had to stay in town on call, I took the kids on a quick escape to Boise. My cousin Shaun was going to get married and we thought we would spend a fun weekend (which also was the start of spring break). We left Friday afternoon as soon as the kids were out of school. We hit the freeway running, only have to turn around at Raft River exit for my temple recommend. Brandon met us off the West Pocatello exit and then we started again.

Of course the kids are comedians and had fun taking a selfie in the car.

We arrived around 7:30 and stayed up a bit visiting with the cousins. Braided Faith's hair and then she wanted to take a selfie. :)

Then next day, we got ready and headed to the temple for Shaun and Stacia's big day.

We headed to the reception and visited for about an hour. It was beautifully decorated and they were so cute!

Afterwards, Mom and Dad took us to the worst Wendy's restaurant ever. Everything about our order was messed up. We did have a good time visiting though. Thanks for spoiling us with dinner!

More selfies of the day!

Sunday, we went to Robyn's full block of church. It was a great couple of meetings. Imagine my shock, when I introduce myself in Relief Society and then the teacher gets up and says, "Are you related to Faith?" Uhhh, yeah. (What did she do???) The teacher was also the teacher in Sunday School and said that Faith is such a special girl and that I should be so proud. Ahhh!!! That was an awesome moment!

Then, the Jolleys were able to head over to the Zanellis to eat dinner (thank you Zs!) and to spend a bit visiting. I called Kenna "Bekah" because she had grown so much! I just couldn't believe it!!!

Bekah and Faith

Kate and Kenna

Caden and Dawson

Jenny and Zoey

And of course the cousins, minus Kaylor. She did not want to join the group Monday morning when we headed home.

Thank you Royce family for hosting our crowd and making us feel welcome! You are a fun crowd to hang out with! I think that Tag even liked the extra attention! Peace Boise! We shall come again!!!

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