Thursday, April 9, 2015


Our first year with our newest baby is almost to a close! I can't believe that she is 11 months old already. Echo is a digger, but she is super sweet and likes to play a lot! Our kids still are loving her and still cleaning up her poop in the backyard. I feel like she has been so great for our family. I still sneeze at her every once and awhile, but overall my allergies are doing pretty good.

Here are a couple of "cute" pictures that we hope you enjoy!!!

Sleeping stretched out

Looking out the window!

"Am I in trouble?" face

One of my favorite pictures
Echo always tilts her head for pictures
She is SO photogenic

Totally just hanging out in crate - with her head on a ball

Another head tilt!

After a bath - you can tell how skinny she is!

Playing with one of her besties - Rue

After her last grooming!

Isn't she so cute?

She is now approximately 21 pounds and the cutest furball that we know! She excited to celebrate her 1 year birthday! It will be fun!!!

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