Friday, September 4, 2015


This was Kate's first daddy-daughter date and dance! She was SO excited! It was casual dress, but we thought that it would be so much fun if they dressed up. And I think a lot of other moms had the same idea. This was also a stake activity for them!

Kate answering the door

Who she found at the door!

Both so excited to have time together just the two of them

Brandon insisted on Kate getting a picture all by herself. She obliged!

We wanted to make this a special day with a keepsake, so Brandon got her a wrist corsage. She was in heaven and loved it!

Picture at the dance! I think that this is so cute!!!

They learned a Do-Si-Do dance and Kate got thrown up in the air quite a few times. Brandon said he was most unpopular because Kate went around to all of her friends to see if they had wrist corsages too! So funny!!! Thanks Daddy for taking Kate on her first date and teaching her what to expect from the boys that she will date in the future!

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