Wednesday, February 22, 2012

KATE IS 5!!!

Kate has been talking about her birthday for months. Kind of fun, so that we have more time to plan something fantastic! She first talked about having an alphabet party, so that's what I went with.

Here is the invitation that I came up with:

I thought that it turned out pretty cute. We invited all of her church friends this year! We were missing a few, but luckily Kate didn't notice!

The kids arrived and watched Word World while we waited for the others to arrive.

Then, we matched up words with a card game.

The 2nd game was just a simple alphabet bingo using skittles. (Because they have an s on it...)

The 3rd game was matching lower case and upper case. I found an idea on Pinterest that I am in love with! I used the Leapfrog lowercase letters that are magnet and did a poster.

~ Her friends in alphabetical order ~

The birthday girl






The last thing that we did was to figure out a secret message to tell Kate. Each symbol had a number on the back of it. We put the numbers in order, flipped over to see the symbol, and then switched the symbol with another paper that had the same symbol and then the letter on the back. It was okay. (If you ever do something like this, I would recommend taping everything down. The kids kept blowing the papers, and I just about lost it. :)

Here was the message:

Present opening while the kids had a capri sun and a cupcake!

Thank you friends! We love you and hope you had a fun time!!!

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