Friday, August 31, 2012


School was adventurous this year.  We first started with blue & yellow pancakes for our panthers.

And then made yellow & green pancakes for the new Hawk in our house.

Dawson's pictures for 3rd grade.  I love the little head tilt that he thinks is necessary in every picture.

How Faith wanted to smile for the camera

2nd try

Faith & Dawson's first day of school

Dawson had no hesitation riding the bus, so off he went.  I dropped off Faith and I was scared out of my mind.  I'm not sure her exact feelings, but I was so happy when she came home and said that this year was going to be good. 

I manage to snap this one right inside her classroom.  Can't believe that she is in middle school already!  Sad!

Kate and I met the kids at the bus stop to hand out cookies for surviving the first day of school!  It is so fun to see a variety of expressions from each child as they stepped off the bus.  Unfortunately, I did not have the time this year to make cookies.  Thank you Chips A'Hoy for providing the not so nutritious snack!!!

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