Sunday, November 25, 2012


The Bohneys made the one way 22 hour drive to see us right around Thanksgiving! Well, okay. I guess they saw some other people too.  We had the best time.  Of course, it went by just TOO quickly.  We were lucky enough to have them stay with us.  Because they are family!

Highlights included game night with the Beauchats, letting the kids run loose with many neighborhood friends, and when the boys and kids went to see Wreck It Ralph while Sara and I did some shopping on our anniversary!

Boys really getting into Beyblades
I can't believe how grown up Chase is

Ethan and Faith are both our bookworms!!!

Kate and Myah LOVE each other

Sara making note of our height difference

The girls

The big boys reunited

The big girls reunited with the newest, Olivia!

We love you Bohneys!  Please come stay with us anytime!

It was hard to say goodbye this time, but we know we'll see you again soon!  God be with you 'till we meet again!

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