Thursday, November 1, 2012


I had an awful time getting pictures this year for Halloween. Not sure exactly why, but here are a couple that I took with my phone:

Kate was a fairy princess.  We couldn't find her wings anywhere.  A week later, we found them!

Dawson was a fortune teller.  Really, he could have been anything in this beautiful cape!

Faith did not want to wear the indian costume on Halloween.  Instead, she wanted to be a pirate!

And this is the other costume she wore

Dawson made this mask at school on Halloween

Spider Kate

 Kate and Winnie together at school

A few of our friends!

Bryleigh.  I loved her makeup!

                         Her baby sister Grace.  I should have taken one of little baby Olivia too!

The Bohney Clan

June, Winnie, and Klive!  Fun costumes guys!!!

We couldn't have asked for any better weather than what we had.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

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