Thursday, February 7, 2013


This day, 12 years ago, Brandon and I were sealed as husband and wife. Then they brought in this gorgeous baby girl we call Faith and sealed her to us.  We always wanted to make a big deal of it, so this year, we checked the kids out of school and headed to Idaho Falls.

Brandon was great enough to stay with the kids while I went and did a session.  I am always surprised that I always know someone and see them at the temple.  This session was no exception.




The kiddos

Mom and Dad 

It was a fun day!  The kids and Brandon bought Wendys while I was inside, so I did my traditional thing when I'm in Idaho Falls.  I supported Chic Fil A.  It was delicious as usual.  We also made our normal stop at the Cocoa Bean and picked up the best cupcakes in the world.  Before I could get a picture of all of the cupcakes, the cupcake gnome ate one.  Yes folks, they are THAT good.

During the ride home, Dawson started asking us a ton of questions, like how we met, how long we dated, and where we had our first date.  Brandon said that we went to Sizzler.  Dawson then said, "Well that settles it!  We are going to 'Sizzilers.'"  He is such a romantic at heart.  It was very touching.

The kids

Mom and Dad

We then watched Hotel Transylvania and just laughed and laughed all night.  I love our tradition and am just so grateful that Brandon and I have each other and the kids forever!

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