Monday, February 25, 2013


Kate's Birth DAY turned into a Birth WEEK. Here it is!

On Monday, the kids had the day off of school and Brandon started her cake.  You see, I had pinned a beautiful, gorgeous birthday princess cake a couple months prior.  About a month before Kate's birthday, I 'hinted' to Brandon that 'we' needed to make this cake for Kate's birthday. Little did I know that he would actually take this seriously.  (He started practicing about 2 weeks before with 2 other cakes.)

On Wednesday, Kate brought birthday treats (store bought cupcakes) to her class and they sang Happy Birthday to her.  (I was totally hoping she could take on Thursday, but forgot that another sweet boy in our ward was born on Saturday, so he brought treats on Friday.)

On Thursday, Brandon took her to lunch.  It's something special that Brandon does each year with the kids.  I think that Kate was a little disappointed that she didn't get to leave school on her lunch though.

We also had a small opening of presents with Kate.  We got her a couple of small things, including a massage (another Jolley tradition) and also American Girl McKenna movie.

Holding the picture of the 'massage' upside down

Thanks to Sophie for letting her watch it so much at her house

For our family anniversary 2 weeks before, we watched Hotel Transylvania.  The kids loved it so much, that Faith and Dawson decided to get the movie for Kate. 

Here they are doing the "Blah-Blah, Blah"

We also went out to dinner at Wendy's too.  She had a wonderful, wonderful birthday!  (Frosty included.)

On Friday, Kate opened presents from 2 friends that were not able to make the party on Saturday.  It was 2 bath mermaid Barbies.  If you know our Kate, you know that she is a fish and loves to be in the water all the time.  Thank you June and Winnie!!!

On Saturday, Kate had her party "Princesses in Pajamas." 

That morning, we woke up to a blizzard.  It was pure craziness with blowing snow and everything.  Luckily, all but a couple princesses were able to arrive and join us for breakfast (heart shaped pink pancakes.)  Super fun with all of our princesses in their pajamas!!!

First thing was pass the poison apple (like hot potato).  Faith ran Pandora and Dawson gave out fruit snacks when each girl got 'out.'  The winner got a bracelet and necklace.

Next, we had a puzzle contest.  There were 48 piece puzzles and much harder than I thought that it was going to be for our princesses.

Winning team

Our 2nd place team

I had plans to read one of Kate's favorite princess stories AND play princess bingo.  But we didn't have enough time!!!  The girls did make cereal necklaces with ribbon and fruit loops.  This was a great edible craft that the girls really enjoyed.

Next, we opened presents from Kate's friends.

M'Kell and M'Kenzie

Last, but not least, we had cake!!!

Here is her special cake that the cake boss made:

Happy Dad and Happy Kate

 What one section looked like!

Thank you girls for spoiling Kate and making her 6th birthday SO special!

On Sunday, we were able to have our family over to celebrate our baby's 6th birthday.  She really loved each and everything that was given to her that day.

From the Royce's (they were in Boise)

From the Peterson's (they were in Idaho Falls)

From the Atkinsons
As a side note, we should have taken video of Connor's shirt.  It was SO cool (voice activated)!!!

Part of what VanTassell's gave Kate

Part of the Jensens gift
Jordan being 'silly' and pretending to be asleep when I took pictures
And finally, Aunt Tracy, Kate, and Grandma Cindy
They are definitely Princesses in our book!

We also took Kate to Texas Roadhouse for her birthday dinner.  She was worried the whole time that she wouldn't be able to ride the saddle.  What a cute girl!!!

Thank you to everyone who made Kate's birthday WEEK so a fun one!!!  Maybe we will have to turn birth DAYS into birth WEEKS again!  Definitely PRICELESS!!!
Happy birthday Princess!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!

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