Sunday, March 17, 2013


I'm sure any Dad would tell you that you always want to win when it comes to a Pinewood Derby. But this Mom was hoping for anything but 1st! Really, 2nd place would be great.

Here he is before the race with his Pit Pass (made by Sister Beebee)!

We also were lucky enough to have a popcorn stand and cookies.  Here is Sady and Shelby.  Such cute girls!!!

Sister Poppleton is his Bear Den Leader!

Grandma was NOT excited about a picture, but said yes if she could be in with Faith!!!

Of course, Kate couldn't help but ask when she gets to race her car!!!

And the end result was that Dawson came in 3rd.  We were excited none the less and were happy that he was able to participate!  (Kate REALLY wants to be in any picture that I take!)

Here is his certificate.  GO Big D!!!

Dad and Kate

Here is Sam (on the end), Kade (1st), Teagan (2nd), and Dawson (3rd)

Way to go Bears!!!

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