Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Brandon and I finally are serious (once again) about paying off debt and making our life better.  Not that we haven't been doing Dave's program.  There are just levels of how intense you do things.  This is the start of the debt snowball round #2; sell everything we are not using, make extra payments to the debt, and keep on going not matter what!

Brandon traded his mower for a little red truck that he will be fixing up and playing with.  And then we will be trying to sell the blue truck.  I wasn't here when he sold the riding mower.  To be honest, this was one thing that choked me up because the mower represented our plan to get out of debt originally.  It represented owning our own company.  Green Cuts!  What a sweet time in life that was!

Faith and Brandon

Kate and Brandon

It brings back so many memories of Faith going to mow with daddy.  She would ride between his legs and fall asleep.  They just wanted to be with him, that sometimes he would mow the back yard more than it really needed, just so that they would have a turn.

Here's to pay off debt, living life, and making memories to last a lifetime!  Thank you honey for selling your stuff and for being such a good dad!  I love you!

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