Thursday, June 6, 2013


Brandon almost made it to 37 before receiving any stitches!  Yesterday evening, he was cleaning some goo off of his new red truck and he slipped with the razor blade right in his knuckle.  After it kept bleeding, he texted me and eventually ended up at my office, where Amy and Matt performed a surgery.

Here is the initial picture that he texted to me.

We thought that we might be able to super glue it together, but because of the depth and the location, he received his very first 3 stitches!

It's proven to be quite a challenge because of the wrap.  But, Brandon added his 2nd finger in the picture so that it would be family friendly.

This morning, he also received a tetanus shot as well.  Now we are just hoping that this won't get in the way of any cake making!!!

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