Saturday, July 13, 2013


Something magical happens at Retreat for Girls.  Teenagers who are constantly frowning and complaining actually smile!  This was Faith's 2nd year at Retreat for Girls in Logan, Utah!  She totally loves this week of the summer.  It's her favorite!

(This is a practice selfie right before Retreat!) 'Don't judge me!' -Faith

They make friends who smile too!

They take pictures of each other

and they give service!

They listen to famous speakers that give uplifting messages,

but mostly they have fun.

Awesome art! There's also french fry statues around the campus!

Nature scene of my favorite fountain. Last year, the 'Beedazzlers' attempted to throw 'Puddles' into the fountain, after carrying her around. ANYWAYS, I LOVE THIS FOUNTAIN-LIKE-THINGY!


Kayla being herself... Lexie leaning on the A

Pember is her counselor on the top

Silly faces is always a must at Retreat!

Dawson and Kate having fun before the program started!

Pember was the one with the red skirt and white shirt.  Katie Smith is the head lady at the mic.

'Angel just stood out to me.  I don't really know why.  I guess it's because i love Thalia Grace from the Percy Jackson series and Angel was a Mormon-like version of her.' - Faith

This year's theme was Live It! inspired by a quote from President Thomas S. Monson:
"You have a heritage; Honor it.  You will meet temptation; Withstand It.  You possess a testimony; Share it. You know the truth; Live it." 

Each group was a different bird, and of course, the counselors had fun names.  Puddles was married in May, so she was no longer able to attend.  Ruby Beauties was their group.  Her counselor's name was Pember (from Pride and Prejudice.)

They also sang a beautiful song called Live It! by Jenny Phillips.  Each of the girls stands in a giant circle around the crowd holding hands and sings.  It's hard to watch because the spirit is so strong and many of the girls can't even sing because they are touched by the whole experience and the spirit.

I have prepared for this day.
No one can take my place.
He is counting on me to arise and shine,
A standard to the world, a disciple of Christ.
I am not afraid.  I am not ashamed.

I will Live it!
I will show that I believe.
By what I say and what I think
I will prove He can trust me.
I will Live it!
I will follow fearlessly.
But what I wear and what I do,
I will stand by what I know is true.
I will live it!

It's more than just a belief,
It's more than just something I read.
The gospel of Christ is a part of my life.
I am acting on the things that the Savior has taught me.
I want His light in every part of my life!


This is my day.  I will stand by Him with every breath I take.
This is my day.  I will stand by Him with every breath I take.


After the program, we met up with Kayla, Maddie, Amber, and Lexi to eat dinner at A&W!  
It was a blast and I should have taken another picture or two!!!
Faith was sad to say goodbye to more good friends that she met!

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