Friday, July 5, 2013


We had quite the nontraditional 4th of July this year!  This one is definitely one we will remember.

We were able to attend the parade this year in hopes that we would meet up with the Renos!  That was the plan.  Instead, we both got delayed and then Dusty wasn't able to make it to our part of the parade.  (In hind sight, it was probably not the best area.  The parade route was different and many people didn't know until right then.  We were before the underpass and the only place that those people could have made it to to see the parade.)  But, I really wanted to make it up to Idaho Falls and wanted to be at the beginning of the parade!

Brandon & Faith

(This is Brandon's "It's warm!!!" face!)

Kate was soaking to all in.  Dawson really enjoyed getting his picture taken!

This was the Chubbuck Stake's float.  It was SO, SO good!  We won an award and it was super exciting!
A Nation United

We went straight from the parade to Idaho Falls.  First stop for mom and Faith was Runway Fashion which is a clothing exchange store.  Faith got 2 pairs of pants, 2 capris, 3 shirts for a good price.  We even had a certificate to make it even better.  She needed capris for Retreat for Girls which is next week!

While we were shopping, Brandon took Dawson and Kate to see if they could get something great for dessert - the Cocoa Bean!!!  But they were closed. :( 

We took our family to the Costa Vida there (my favorite restaurant) and then to Orange Leaf frozen yogurt.  We had certificate for the yogurt too.  Super impressed with the flavors and just the overall atmosphere.  Very fun and orange.  Oh, and the spoons ... I mean, little shovels were SO cute!   

Yes, that is Dawson's hand in our photo!!!

We have never gone to Idaho Falls for the 4th, so that was a fun departure.  

We drove home and took a quick rest before heading up to Grandma Kathy's and Grandpa Jerry's house.  (This part is tradition for us.)  They made us food (thank you guys SO much!!!) and we cheated by bringing root beer float materials to the party.  The kids couldn't wait to swim in the half filled pool, so they went the minute that they could!

Kathy loves to be behind the camera, but I occasionally can get her in front!

In the middle of the swim, Brandon is on his phone and says something like "This holiday is about to get really fun!"  I knew that meant that he was getting called into work and meant another nontraditional part of our day.  So, the grandparents watched the kids swim and Brandon and I headed off to the scene of an accident where a Syringa box got hit as shown in the picture below.  (It's underneath the truck actually.  See it?)

We had to wait for the tow truck and everything before we could see all of the damage and report back to his work.  Funny thing was that we knew one (of 4) police officers on scene.  That was quite funny.

Once we returned to Brandon's parents, we saw Dawson eating a whole piece of chicken at once, shown here:

We kept telling him that he should take bites and everything.  All he did was nod and continue to chew for about 3 minutes.  Pretty hilarious stuff from a pretty hilarious kiddo I tell ya!

I borrowed Brandon's hat to try out how I looked in it.  I think that I could really look good in a hat!

The neighbors were lighting off fireworks (legal and illegal) that we enjoyed.  About the time the show should have started, the winds really picked up with gusts up to 60 miles an hour.  We waited and waited, and then finally called it quits at 11:07.  They did eventually start when we were back home.  No fireworks for us!  Which was the concluding piece of our nontraditional 4th!

We are so grateful to all of the men and women who have served, are serving, or will serve our country.  We feel truly blessed to be a citizen of the greatest country on earth - the United States of America!  God bless America! 

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