Friday, October 4, 2013


Faith is now, offically a ... gulp ... teenager.  How did this happen???

Dawson doesn't seem to mind

Not sure how Faith is feeling about it!

And when I told her to hold up 13 fingers, this is the look she gave me:

We made french toast for her birthday breakfast.  For the first time ever, she also attended school (usually there is a longer weekend and her birthday falls during that time.)

We had a birthday dinner at Golden Corral.  Here is a pre dinner picture:

Faith was super spoiled this year with books,


more books, 

a snugly blanket, 

and money to buy more books!!!

The cake was simple

but we loved singing to her

and watching her take 4 breaths to blow out the candles.  Yes, that was no typo.  4.

With Grandma Cindy

Kate had to be included

Great Grandma Zoey

And Grandma Kathy

We are so lucky to have such a good family!

She survived!!!  Can't wait to see what this year brings for her!

P.S.  Haven't been able to detach her from this blanket!

And Kate had to have another picture!!!

Happy birthday Faith!  You are fantastic and we love you very much!

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