Saturday, September 6, 2014


I love going to the dome and seeing my newphews play football. Christian graduated last year and so Kate and I went to watch Connor.

Selfie with Grandpa in the background!

Jordan's attempt at a selfie

Kate and Jordan

Highland played Pocatello High School or Poky as it's known. 2 of the biggest rivals (in my opinion).
We totally smoked them! 62 to 0 was the final score. So, it really wasn't a game... Connor wasn't feeling well, but did the field goals. One of the plays he set up on a 4th down to kick and went to kick but missed... only that was the plan and they made a touchdown instead. It was a great play!!!

One of the highlights was to see the band play. It brings back a lot of memories and was fun to see their half time show.

I'm looking forward to watching a couple of their games this season. Go Highland Rams!

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