Tuesday, September 2, 2014


School is underway and fall is already in the air. The kids were excited to already have a long weekend, and I think that Brandon and I were equally as happy. We got a lot of cleaning done (necessary to keep up on any weekend) and then finished our Harry Potter marathon (and I finished Kate's stocking!!!) We've been watching series of movies as a family and I think that the kids, especially Dawson are loving it. He likes to remind us about family fun night (our tradition of watching movies together on Friday or Saturday night).

After completely the series (it was so good) and having the sister missionaries over for dinner, we had a great family home evening by Brandon. We went through our 72 hour kits to see what was missing and what we need to add as well as rotating the food. It was fun to have all of the kids sort through and see what they have.

As we were gathering up the food, Dawson broke out in "Da Moose, Da Moose" song with Echo's toy. It's such a catching song that  once one of us sings it, we are singing it for hours. So I got this picture and even Echo decided that she needed to be in it. Love these kiddos!!!

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