Sunday, February 22, 2015


This little cutie turned 8 years old! We celebrated with a cupcake wars birthday party with all of her friends. This was a birthday party that we threw together very quickly and the results were too much fun!!!

The first thing that we had the girls do was to draw out a slip with the team name so that it was random.

Team Sprinkles

Team Chocolate

Team Frosting

Getting started! We drew out a team name to start and pick out the cake mix that they wanted. Then the next team picked between 2 choices and the 3rd team got the last item. Then the 3rd team picked the next item which was frosting. Then the 1st team picked between 2 choice and the 2nd team got the last item. Then we picked the cupcake wrappers, the candles, toppings, etc.

Team Chocolate added one more!

While the cupcakes were baking, we did the presents. Here Kate is with each of her friends!

Woah! Look at the loot! She is definitely spoiled!

The whole group together!

And they really wanted to do silly faces too!

After presents, each team received 10 minutes to decorate their cupcakes and to pick out 3 cupcakes to be used for the judging. Only one team was allowed in the kitchen at a time. So the other teams were able to make origami fortune tellers and play while the teams were decorating.

Here's what a couple of the plates looked like!

The three judges trying out all three cupcakes

The girls were so anxious to figure out who the winning team would be!

And the winning team is ....


After the announcement, the girls got to eat a cupcake (or two ... or three) and visit for about 10 minutes.

We sent each of the girls home with a giant candy bar that said, "Thanks for coming to my party and being so sweet!" The timing was perfect and the girls really enjoyed this birthday party! I highly recommend it if you are short on time, but want to do something fun at home!

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