Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Brandon decided that for 2016, our family should focus on being more active. We are definitely more of the couch potato kind. He thought that it would be cool if we would move it and get rewards.

So here's the summary of our 2016 get active challenge!!!

For every minute you are active, you receive 1 point.
For every glass of water you drink, you receive 1 point.
Every time you go out to eat and DON'T drink pop, you receive 10 points.
Each week, you can walk Echo for 20 minutes and receive 10 bonus points! (So you walk her for 20, but receive 30 points.)
And sometimes, if we are being really generous, you can even earn points for trying new foods!!!

I created 12 different prizes that we will receive. Some of them like the trips need to be earned by the complete family. Here is our vision board by the dining room table.

Rewards are accumulative, so you never loose points. Here's the summary of the rewards!

600 points - movie at the Reel Theater
1200 points - treat at Kiwi Loco or Geraldines
2000 points - movie at the big nice theater
2900 points - Outer Limits night
3900 points - dinner with the family
5000 points - $20 each
6100 points - board game
7200 points - moive at the big nice theater
8300 points - trip to West Yellowstone
9400 points - new shirt and pants
10,500 points - $40 each
12,000 points - trip to DISNEYLAND!!!

So, so excited to be more active and for the family to work towards these goals!!! Woot, woot! I will take monthly pictures to chart our progress. Good luck everyone!!!

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