Monday, February 8, 2016


I was so excited to celebrate our 15th year family anniversary with the family by going to Provo. The reason why we chose Provo was because the Provo City Center Temple had an open house going on right now. Perfect timing for us!!!

We left on Friday and headed down to Provo to our hotel. Our kids just LOVE staying in hotels. We don't get to do that very often, but we have been staying more often than in the past. We decided on Red Robin for dinner and met Laura and Jason, along with Sam!!!

Dinner was not great, but we did enjoy each other's company. After dinner, we took a dip in the pool and earned more points for our fitness challenge.

Saturday morning, we beat the morning rush to breakfast and headed to the temple. It was quite the rat race going back in forth in the lines in the underground parking lot. Luckily the standby line was quick.

After waiting for a little bit, we went into one of the theater rooms, put on the famous booties and watched a 10 minute video of why temples are so important to Mormons. It was beautiful.

It was beautiful. Kate was so touched at the baptismal font that she asked if she could be baptized for cousin Maze when she turned 8. I had to explain to her that girls are only baptized for girls. And then Robyn reminded me that children under 8 don't need any temple ordinances. He is perfect. It still gives me chills just thinking about that perfect nephew. I can't wait to meet him again.

Here are some pictures from online since photography is not allowed.

One of the entries

Baptism font


Celestial Room

One of the sealing rooms

A beautiful picture of the temple and the sunset

The end of the tour ends with the Christus

Our pictures as we were leaving!!!

After the temple, we went to Spanish Fork to see Laura's apartment. We had a good laugh about how narrow her kitchen was. Dishwasher in the back, across from the fridge and then the stove. It's cozy!!!

The kids then played the wii and tried out several things. It was very fun!!! Here they are bowling!

the Peterson family!!!

 After the time in Spanish Fork, we went back to Provo to visit with the infamous Thomas family. We like to call them the Fa'aga'i's. Haha!!!

We had a wonderful time visiting at a lunch/dinner!

They brought up back to their cozy apartment. I had to take a picture of their picture frame!!! 
We all signed their frame while we visited even more.

After we were done visiting, we headed up to the Jolley's to visit with our cousins. We had dinner and then played card games while the kids played too. I love that they all get along and love each other.

Faith and Andrew

Dawson, Jony, and Kate

Too much fun!!! Sunday, we attending their full block of meetings at church. I really loved it so much!

The weekend was so much fun and worth every minute of it. I hope the other kids loved it as much as I did. Here's to another 15 years!!!

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