Friday, February 19, 2016

Product Review For Gorsun Headphones

Product Review For Gorsun Headphones

The Gorsun C Series headphones are leaps and bounds 
better than most all of the headphones I have used in this price range and even better than some more expensive headphones that I have used.  The sound quality is surprisingly great, has some nice deep bass and the treble is excellent as well, overall a great range for most all of the music that I listened to.  I tried them out with rock, country, pop and some classical music.  They are very loud head phones and I was able to listen at a lower volume then normal and still have them sound great. 

They are extremely comfortable and after wearing them all day for listening to music and phone calls I forgot that I had them on at one point in the day.  The loop that you can use to wrap around your ears to make them not fall out while exercising is a great feature as well.  I was able to do some running and weight lifting without even worrying about them falling out.  It is nice to be able to retract that part as well and have them look sleek when just using them normally.

I used them for a few days as a hand free set to make and receive phone calls as well and was surprised to say that the sound was great and I didn’t have anyone complain that they couldn’t hear me from the microphone.  I even had it under my shirt so the cord wouldn’t snag on anything while I was at work and the microphone still performed better than expected.  I wish the cord was a little longer so I could have the microphone and controls on the outside.  Having a volume up and down button would have been a nice added feature as well.

I normally use Bluetooth headsets to listen to music and for my calls on my cell phone but sometimes need a corded set while my Bluetooth is charging.  I will defiantly keep these handy for my back up pair. I am giving them 4 stars because the lack of volume control on the cord. I was provided these at a discount for my honest review and opinion.


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