Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One more step to complete automation!

Alien Technology ? We Also Made This Assumption When First Came To Contact With NFC!

Imagine a Tool Of Wireless Data Transmission That Invokes An Action Based On You Placing
Your Phone Near The Device, The Action Is a Set Of Instructions Directed To Your Phone.
The Normal Way Of Giving Your Phone Instructions ? You Guessed It !
You Type, Click, Scroll, Choose, Look For, And Then Click Some More!
Our Awesome NFC Tags Will Basically Do It All For You In Just A Touch !
All You Need To Do Is Pre Program The Tag With a Specific Action, And It Is Ready To Do It's Job ! - Just Tap And It Works ! 

Hover Your Device Over the Tag and Zapp !!! You...
• Make a Call
• Send SMS
• Launch An App
• Join a WiFi Network
• Bluetooth on/off
• Send a Business Card
• Show a Message
• Trigger Media Systems
• Toggle Phone Settings
• Set An Alarm
• Change Ringer Or Music Volume
• Change Screen Brightness
• Share a Contact
• Show Address Or Location
• Connect To Car Systems
• Update Social Media: Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
• Open a Web Page
• Any Combination Of Above!

No Clicking, No Scrolling, No Typing !!! 

If you are like me you probably have never heard of a NFC tag let alone what they do.  It took me some research to comprehend what exactly they do.  Like in the description above that I copied and pasted from the Amazon information, NFC tags let you automate process on your phone or tablet that you normally do by hand.  Sounds kinds cheesy right, but if you are like me and normally do a hand full of things before I actually lay down and try to fall asleep this is a great little item. 

It will not change your life forever and you will have hours of extra free time but it is just a cool little gadget.  For me I set one of these little tags by my bed and when I tap my phone to it the following happens: Phone goes on silent, system noises goes on silent, my WiFi and other non essential programs are shut off and my Audible and Kindle Apps launch which will let me decide if I want to read a book or listen to a book as I try to fall asleep.

There are numerous things that these can be used for and if you are smarter than me (which is not hard) you can get them to do all sorts of things for you.  I did receive these for free for my honest opinion and review, and I would recommend them if you are someone that likes to tinker around with automation and making things a little easier on yourself.    

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