Saturday, May 7, 2011

WET #246, #247

Today was the annual Law Day Race. You can walk or run the 5K or 10K. Brandon and I were lucky enough to run the 10K this morning! This was a good training run for what is coming up. The weather was lower 50s with light rain. Although I would probably prefer to be dry, it is definitely better than running in 80-90 degree weather!!!

Brandon completed his run in 85 minutes. This is his first race ever! I am so proud of him!
I completed my run in 69 minutes. My first 10K was in March, where I finished in 74 minutes. Feeling pretty good about getting faster and stronger! We both finished wet, but happy that we accomplished a mid-way goal!

Here I am making my big finish!!!

One of my training buddies, Megan and I ran up until mile marker 9 together. I slowed her up a bit. At mile marker 9, she pushed herself hard and finished about a minute before I did! Woot, woot Megan! She even resisted the doughnuts at the end of the race!

Our countdown to Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay is now 40 days. Crazy to think that it is so close. The relay starts in Logan Utah and goes through the canyons to Park City Utah. It is 188 miles and is completed by 12 runners that each run 3 legs.

At 9:30 last night, I ran 3.6 miles (My first run for Ragnar is 3.7 miles). Then today I ran 6.2 miles (my second run for Ragnar is 6.5 miles). Today, I will walk my last mileage, which is 4.7 miles. It should definitely be interesting. The mileage part I think is fine, I am just worried about the inclines (which in one mountain I figured out to be 17% incline --- ridiculous!)

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