Monday, November 14, 2011


These particular posts have a way of sneaking up on me. I really like to re-read the previous posts before posting. And then I try to write something that will remind me of this time in our lives ...

6 months from May 14th. What a journey.

The first month really just consisted of recuperating and fighting off sicknesses that come with being sick. It is probably the only time in my life that I can remember seeing my mom just lay down and rest. It's what she needed to do to get her leg healthy. We wonder that if she hadn't had the sickness if she would have pushed too hard too soon. That's my mom, ya know.

The second month. It was marked by physical therapy. Pain. 3 times a week. Pain. Exercises at home. More pain. Did I mention pain? Cindy was cheery and happy and smiling through the tears. Life was hard, but worth working through the pain to get some sort of normalcy back in her knee. Wanting and willing to push through the pain. That's my mom, ya know.

The fourth month. Bending 115 degrees on her own. Impressive. Spectacular. Attending church for the entire block. Impressive. Spectacular. But, that's my mom, ya know.

And finally, it has been 6 months. From a wheelchair, to the walker, to crutches, to one crutch and now a cane. Physical therapy still. Working hard to reach her goals.

My mom was given this book and has read much of it.
It is interesting to note that the Lord knows what will happen in our lives and then helps prepare a way for the tender mercies as well. For example, my parents were happy and content in our home on Pershing. It was a beautiful home. Then, a few years ago, they were prompted to build their current home. They made the doorways and hallways wide. They even joked and laughed about putting in the walk in shower for when they were old. If this accident had happened in their other home, she wouldn't have been able to get into the bathroom or showered or anything. Another tender mercy and a reassurance that the Lord knows us and loves us.

My mom is a blessing in my life. She has taught me many things, like how to make a bed with square corners and like how to grow my own testimony. And now she has taught me that blessings come in many different forms and that perseverance and trust in Heavenly Father is all that we need to succeed in this life. She's wonderful and really super woman! (Don't tell her that - she'll try and pretend that she's not!) That's my mom!

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