Saturday, June 23, 2012


In a little over 4 years, Faith, Dawson, and Kate have had a total of 9 surgeries.  The score is Faith 1, Dawson 2, and Kate 6.  I guess that's why many of my friends and a few of my family didn't even know.  It becomes a 'routine' thing and is not really a stresser that could be for another family. 

I found a new shirt and pajama pants for him, and of course, we brought his blanket.  We also brought 2 of his stuffed animals that stayed in the van.  When the nurse said that looks like a comfy blanket, he quickly corrected her.  "Ummm, I think that it's called a 'quilt.'"

You can see how excited he is for the surgery.

And then he wouldn't let me take his picture.

 And finally a smile from our little man!

This is the last surgery to remove tonsils and adenoids!  Goodbye tonsils, hello popsicles!

After we headed home, Dawson refused to speak.  He is taking up sign language and writing down what he needed.  Here is a scribe paper.

Here is what it says:
My pagamis are softer then all the rest.
I like them thak you mom.
and thanck you gandma and granpa fer the chess
I aslways wanted one.
there's more? (talking about the macaroni and cheese)
make sure its not hot.
my throt is relly stuffy
a feau more muits later

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