Sunday, June 10, 2012


This year, our little youth service club decided to help a local woman in need of help covering medical expenses that her insurance would not cover.  She has MS.  Our youth service club sponsored though Modern Woodmen of America would match the first $500 raised!

We started gather items for the sale about 2 months ahead of time.  Anya, our club leader, was great about taking most of the donations to her house.  Needless to say, her garage was packed!  Others in our neighborhood and club came to help organize Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, the chaos started.  My Grandma, Zoey, donated so much too, which really helped out.

Image my surprise when about a week before, I found out that we were doing this project for my old roommate and coworker, Stephanie Bearnson.  I could not have been more thrilled because I love this woman!  She has the most positive attitude in life and always is smiling.  Life may have handed her lemons, but she has definitely had lemonade.

Stephanie and I worked at AmeriTel Inn together and roomed together for a short period.  It was then that she fell madly in love with Brad and became engaged.  She started having a few problems and symptoms and thought that it could be MS.  It was only a week or two before she was married that she received the diagnosis.  

Although I have not stayed as close to her as I would like, I continue to be in awe of a woman that does anything that she sets her mind to.  She is truly amazing! 

It was a very cold day, in the 40s, with wind.  We had several things knock over and some glass did break.  By noon, the weather was threatening rain.  Our information did not make it into the paper, but we did do fairly well considering. 

The kids put together a cupcake and lemonade bake sale.   I didn't not get a picture of how cute it was.  The adults did most of the work for this project though!!!


Kendra sorting clothing

Trent hauling away tables

Towards the end of the sale, we saw this monkey.  It was truly creepy, with matted hair, half cut off eyelashes, and yellow underwear.  Occasionally it will even blink.  I was trying so hard to get someone to take him home because it was just unreal.  I couldn't let him go to the DI ... we have big plans for this monkey.

I dropped him off at Kendra's house and when she got home, Reagan, her little girl, had him in her playhouse.  It's her monkey!  Very funny and just so glad he's not at our house!

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