Monday, October 29, 2012


While visiting my Aunt in Boise, we also were able to go to her trunk or treat.  I thought that we basically knew how trunk or treats went, but let me tell you.  These Boise people really know how to do it!!!

First, they had PLENTY of food (chili and taco soups) to feed the group inside the church.

Next, I couldn't believe the costumes that I saw there.  Really, I mean, they went all out!!!

I think she was Red Riding Hood.  And the girl in black?  Well, let's get another angle.

Yep!  A skunk!

A few angels and a goddess

Fun vampire girl

LOVED the pirate!  That's a classic!

Another one of my favorites was this jellyfish

And what about these candycorns?  Too sweet too eat for sure!!!

And then, not only were the kids dressed up, but most of the adults too!!!

Loved this Ninja Turtle, complete with shell and all!

And my Aunt totally got a kick out of Flash

Complete with the Flash shoes too!

When we went outside for the trunk or treat, we saw this fun sight!  Pumpkin bon fires baby!!!

Great car ideas.  These 2 were scientist and gave out samples of homemade rootbeer.

This pumpkin had actual lightbulbs in the pumpkin.  I really have no idea how they did it!!!

It was almost like Rippleys Believe It or Not all night!!!

By the end of the evening, everyone was visiting and chatting.  It was just SO much fun!!! 

And, I've made a commitment to work on Halloween costumes in August so that I am not running behind anymore.  

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