Sunday, June 16, 2013


Maybe you've been wondering what "we" have been doing this late spring.  And the answer is:

Cake, cake, and more cake!

Brandon has been working so hard.  His cakes are delicious and have been a lot of fun to see how the process works!

Impromptu Mother's Day cake

Grandma Zoey's birthday cake

The 'guts'

Matt's birthday cake

Grandma Zoey's second birthday cake

Grandma Kathy's birthday cake

Brit's birthday cake

This little princess was SO excited for her castle cake!

Monsters Inc cakes for Grace

She wanted to touch it SO bad!

Blowing out her candle

I LOVE the frosting!

The middles - chocolate with peanut butter frosting, Reeces peanut butter cups and Reeces piece

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