Friday, November 1, 2013


This Halloween was so much fun and easier for us! I told the kids that we needed to decide in July what they were going to be. Kate had a hard time deciding between a princess and a cowgirl. Pinterest is both bad and good in that sense. But once she found this outfit on Etsy, she was sold!

Thank you, Grandma Cindy for sewing this for us! She looks adorable!

Dawson was Creeper from Minecraft. He got lots of compliments! Thank you Beverly Jones for sharing this great 'hat' with us!!! You did an amazing job! 

Faith is past the age of us buying or making costumes, so I left it up to her to put something together. She came up with 'Fan Girl' with meant that she was at home reading a book, asking WHY???

And getting upset at all of the cliffhangers that the authors write in series that she likes! Especially Rick Riodan.

My 3 tricker of treaters!!!

Here is Kate in front of the creepy door at school.

I was so ecstatic when I saw that Buzz (Braden) was in her class! Chubbuck does a costume parade, and I had them walk together. It was too cute!

Maddie (Alice in Wonderland) and Kate had to get their picture taken together too.

Here is the spooky pop up houses that we made in centers on Halloween.  The kids had a fun time, but it was hard to get them done so quickly (about 5 minutes is all we had.)

We had time to visit all of the grandmas early this year.  Here is Grandma Zoey recuperating from her surgery.

Sharing her hat with daddy.

Grandma Kathy always tries to do a healthy snack, which we appreciate.

Being silly!!!

Next was Grandma Cindy's and Grandpa Kelly's.  Sam and Jordan

Scooby's tail

Jordan and Tracy

Luna Lovegood (Winnie) and Jessie (Kate) at our neighborhood trick or treat

Nicole and Shelby smiling for the camera and the blog

I couldn't believe at how bright is was while we were trunk or treating around Cotant Park. It was a little windy, but probably the best weather we have had in a couple of years. Everyone was adorable and creative! Good times!

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