Thursday, November 14, 2013


I was both surprised and excited when I found out that myself, Randy, and Amy would be headed to Orlando for 3 days for an InSPAration Management business seminar.

I had plans to try and stop by Disney World and Sea World to take my picture at each of the gates to say, "I've been there!" After the first day, though, I knew that that would not happen. Each day was spent learning more and more about managing a spa and how to change your future. It was not good ... it was fantastic and more than I thought it would be! Each night would be a business dinner where we had a chance to share ideas and see what was working for the other people who had come. (There were approximately 30 people there.)

This re energized my commitment to the spa (not that is was waning) and wanting to make it the best in Southeast Idaho.

Here are some of the classmates wearing all of the hats we wear as managers. The 2nd one in the line is Randy.

And here was one display on the tools that they offer.

I wish that I would have taken pictures of us together and the restaurants that I went to, etc. I am SO excited for all the changes that we have coming! Stay tuned!

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