Saturday, March 29, 2014


Another birthday. I've decided that, no - I don't want to be 20, and yes - I think that I am aging with grace.

This birthday, I had a spa day receiving both a massage and an eyelash fill. A simple gift of a paper trimmer. And then a family dinner at Sizzler and dessert at the Jensens. I made pumpkin pie. Mom and Dad made mud pie and lemon bars.

Don't I look good with the pie???

And a selfie with my Mom. I hope by now she doesn't mind sharing our day together. I think that it's pretty neat because this was before the day of inductions and such. We are beautiful!

Thank you to my coworkers for the AWESOME cupcakes, card, and Costa Vida gift card and for friends who also remembered my birthday! It was a good one!

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